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i will respond to every review, good or bad. just so ya know. (: i worked about 2 days, total, on this. i am a horrible procrastinator, and as such, i was on a really, really tight deadline. please keep this in mind as you progress through the movie.

in my English III class, we had to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and then we had to create a movie trailer based off of it, and the trailer had to include 5 quotes from the book.

my friend, Tate, did the voices for Elizabeth when she is reading the letter and Frankenstein's monster. my friend Lisa did Elizabeth's startled yell, and my friend Ben did Frankenstein's voice.

allow me to explain each scene, since it might not be as funny to you if you didn't understand it.

first scene: in the book, Elizabeth writes a letter proclaiming her love for Victor. this wouldn't be nearly as funny if it weren't for the fact that she is his cousin and adopted sister.

second scene: this is where Frankenstein's monster chokes Elizabeth to death on her and Victor's wedding night. i was having trouble doing this scene (and it was past midnight) so it didn't turn out as good. i do like the environment i drew, though (:

third scene: this is when Victor is creating his monster. at first, he is doting like a doofle over him, but when his monster comes to life, Victor is suddenly repulsed by the monster and runs away in terror. this scene mocks this sudden change of heart. it also shows how rushed i was (i believe it was about 1 in the morning when i made this scene).

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kinda u used a story that's full of sadness... for making a fun movie >.<
The letter part was "non-sense", i just liked the end (raaaah)
from the start looked like a real drama/action movie but with lettah and rest it just lost the shine"
ma bads

Rammer responds:

lol, the dramatic start contrasting with the silly movie was very intentional. when i started making this i was going for a serious attempt, but then i realized how little time i had. when doing something that emotionally captivates people, you generally need to make sure the art is up to snuff to hold their suspension of disbelief. and drawing well takes a lot of time. \:

thanks for the review :3

I have no idea what to think!

I have just completed reading the novel as homework for a Humanities class at my college. I really did like the book quite a bit! The nature of the class was to compare things like the literary, scientific, artistic, intellectual atmospheres of different time periods of Western history (Romanticism- Frankenstein.)

I admit that some of jabs at the book made me laugh (I especially thought the photo-manipulated portrait of his creature was pricelessly funny.)

The love letter, though your intention obvious, bugged me ever so slightly... definitely killed whatever seriousness that specific letter held within the book!

Rammer responds:

oh good, a review on something more recent of mine. and an interesting review at that. i've gotten about three people who checked out my stuff since releasing In Utero and they all looked at my older and shittier submissions <_>

i read this book in my high school english 3 class, so you'll pardon me if i don't appreciate the book the same way one would appreciate The Stranger or The Fountainhead after taking an AP Lit course (which i did ;P). i like the book, too. i'm just poking fun at it by over-exaggerating the situations. this wouldn't be nearly as funny if i went into Frankenstein's emotions regarding creating his monster.

i thought the photo-manip of his monster was silly but i never really considered it to be the biggest point of the movie. it's nice knowing someone got more enjoyment out of it than i did, though, lawl. as for killing the seriousness with my letter scene...that's the point of parody. lmao. it's funny on its own, but it's only really funny after reading Frankenstein.

thanks for the interesting review. if i had more literature-based flashes on here, i'd ask for you to review them too, but i really don't get a chance to do many english projects in flash ;P


what school do/did you go to?
im going to rampart in colorado and we have to do the same thing.
we actually saw this in class. our teacher was saying how crappy it was..

Rammer responds:


tell me the name of the teacher and i'll believe that ;)

The speech is odd

This is a werid result as it a spoof ,which is fine when you realise this.

Graphics.7/10 The text looked stunning the back background, mixed with text had a polished outcome. The bit with the letters maybe not as good, as the modern text ruined it a bit. The scenes with Franenstein are not bad a ittle less ,detailed then hoped ,but this is a good looking tralier.

Sound.7/10 Another mixed bunch funny with the speech, taking the mickey it was good the voices are humrous. Although sometimes they did not come out as well ,as they could have done.

Once i got this was a spoof i think it worked t,he speeches reminded me of a text message. Terrible spelling and rude thoughts. The way you read the letter made me laugh. it had the succes of humor you are aiming for. This looked amazing on the intro ,and the trailer on thw whole worked.

The main problem was the spelling was alful ,in the letter. The fact this was a spoof was not clear, to me at first. The scenes to brief. The writing was a litttle rushed at first. More scenes and less text. I felt there were not enough, scenes to see. The fact it had modern text ,with bad speling. Was a shame as i felt it did not need this really.

Overeal a trailer which is good but text spolit it for me.

review request club

Rammer responds:

try reading the author's comments before you watch/play something. that way you'd have known my intentions.

by the way, please learn how to english. i don't want to spend any more time than i should to read what you wrote.


The graphics in this flash look very good. I especially liked the effects of the light here (for example the candle in the letter-scene, or the lights ni the scene with the monster and Elizabeth).

Sometimes the text went by too fast. I barley couldn't finish some of the texts in the flash, which I thought was a little bit annoying.
Also, the voices are a bit too quiet, they are nearly overpowered by the music. Also, you had a lot of static sounds in the sound files. You should try to either edit them out with programms like Audacity or try to keep away farther from the mic, to reduce the statics.

I'd like to see an actual Frankenstein movie made by you, without a deadline forcing you to rush things. I think it would be an awesome movie. :)

{ Review Request Club }

Rammer responds:

thanks! i'm not normally too great of an artist, but i actually spent quite a lot of time on that first scene there. that was when i was under the illusion that i had a lot of time left. the lights in the scene with the monster and Elizabeth are...eh. i don't like that scene too much, both artistically and materially.

the text went by very fast at times to keep the music synced with the flash. \: i could have done a better job with the pacing, but the quotes aren't too important. it was required to have at least 5 quotes in the trailer.

the static was due to me using a bad mic - my shitty logitech webcam. my future voice-acting will have better quality because i'll be using my Rock Band mic, which has a much higher quality. no static, bumps, or anything.

to be honest, i'm not that interested in doing a full Frankenstein movie :P maybe when i have more free time, motivation, and artistic skill.

thanks for the review (:

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Jun 1, 2008
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