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One Chapter 1. Enjoy!


Yet another unfinished masterpiece.

Jesus Christ, this guy doesn't quit. First it was that "This in not a test" which was good-now this. He always asks for high ratings and I'm fed up with it. Don't take it personally, Brian, but if you want high ratings, try finishing what you start...you can finish "This is not a test" and THEN I will vote high.

Keep it Going Brian

I loved it. Any monkey can easily tell that the author is building up to something really good with the One series. So all ye who nay say. Grow up. Not everything needs to have brains splatterred against the wall (not that it's a bad thing). Personally I think that most of the negative comments come from jealous people. Brian is one of, if not the best cartoonist in the Portal. Shut up. Sit down. And give him a break. It's part one people. Always bitchin about plot, but when someone actually tries to develope one, you shit on it. I hope Part 2 of One comes out soon, if only to shut you bitches up.

read this one

Hey, this movie sux, what's the point of it? and if he is unaware of the evil in the world why does he sleep with a sword by his bed??? This movie is a waste of my time to watch and I hope was a waste of ur time to make. u suck.

Oh... my... god...

This is amazing! A feat of flash animation! I love this to death!

Everything is great about this, the music, the animation, the concept. Everything. My one complaint is that the voice acting is a bit fuzzy and could be improved, but I can see past that.

Please, don't be discouraged by the score. I, and I'm sure some other people as well, would really love to see more of this.

Bloody Excellent.......how Flash movies should be

Admittedly the movie was slow moving and had little plot, but it IS only chapter 1. As long as the series continues and a story is actually told, this should be recognised for what it is....an excellent piece of work.

OK.....it's not funny but it's not supposed to be. I'm going to assume that the plot will become clear in a following episode and give it a 9. Please follow it up....I'm dying to know how this well made movie is going to unfold.

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2.66 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2000
11:44 PM EDT
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