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Watch Out Obama

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Author Comments

Hillary Clinton wants you to know her doesn't want Obama to come to any harm. That's why she's warning him about what can happen to you if you run for president. You never know what might happen that'll keep you from that August convention.

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I don't know if you're really a conspiracy theorist. Well, I doubt you're implying here it. I really like Hillary's voice. Don't worry, Obama didn't die. Do worry, Trump is now President. It's too bad fewer cartoonists are here now.

I want more political cartoons! This is pretty nicely animated. It's not great, but certainly good. I wish she had won. The 2016 election, not this one.


He SHOULD watch out. Really.


i can just see obama getting assassinated just like matin luther king jr.
i would'nt doubt it!
i wonder if democrats can work with politics?

A bit of good

I enjoyed this a litte and had it's humor.
But it needed more.


this sucks, i men its ok, but whats with the guy in the back, is he a bodygaurd, assasin, or bill