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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Oooo A Tankie

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This is the remake of Ooo A Tankie. Where a guy wins the Tank Awards and gets annoying by a kid.

The reason I remade this was because of the good feedback. Reviewers liked the animation, but thought the art could do some work which of course I agreed with them and decided to remake it. I went through several art styles till I found the one I liked until I delayed this animation for so long and went with this one in the animation. Also this animation isn't as crazy and whacked out like the Original it is more realistic in a way.

MINDCHAMBER makes a Guest Appearance as himself!


I implemented a watermark in the animation. It shouldn't distract you because it is pretty small, but you will notice it.


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it's ok...

The jokes were decent, i thought it was kind of funny. The lip syncing was terrible. It seemed like you made a movie clip that looped the same mouth no matter what they were saying. You would have their tongue at their teeth for a "th" sound while they were saying S. Fix the lip syncing and i would rate this much higher.

samsonloftin responds:

Really, I never really had a problem with lip syncing, but I do see what you mean. It might have been that it was my first time I used tweens to lip sync, but I'll make sure to double check my lip syncing work next time. Thanks for the review!


To tell you the truth, I thought that the other (i.e. the older Oooo's) art style was better. Then again, I'm one of those odd few who love non-realistic things, like Luffy in One Piece. Still, though, great job! Especially the evil-eye NO!!!11! :D


That was funny I guess.
And Iloved that message from mindchamber.

samsonloftin responds:

Me too!

Made me smile a bit despite my grumbles.

The starting intro and purple bg work well. The buildings in the bg are nicely reminiscent of the NG header.

I'm not a fan of the art style. I like the self-shaded lines around the shirt and trousers, but black lines around the face look odd to me. And your hands need more work. I guess if you do some life-drawing, it'll eventually come to you.

Also, there was a flashing white line on the left and a white line on the bottom - make sure your bgs cover the entire stage.

Basic plot was funny. And it's cool to hear the MC.

Made me smile a bit despite my grumbles.

samsonloftin responds:

Yea, I still have a problem drawing hands, anyways thanks for the review. Also thanks for pointing that out, but I guess I must have forgotten to shade the characters or something usually I shade them. The thing I really didn't like about it was the way I drew MC. I wish I worked a bit more on the character art for him.

Umm....a definate improvement

So far, it looks like you've been getting mixed review scores and feedback this is gonna be another one lol.

I liked it, the main good thing about it about is the improvement from the old one, though saying that, it still not great...things need to be smoother in genral such as the walking and hows he's holding it, its all pretty blocky (but seeing some of your others, thats your style right?? :p) though the humor wa "alright" it kinda felt it should've ended up on a better line or action (i mean, c'mon...the head falls off :p) also the repeating "can i touch it" "no" bit was a tiny bit irrating. But in all i still think it good and also it will remind new Newgrounders about Tankies.
Not Bad Sam! :D

samsonloftin responds:

I don't eat Green Eggs and Ham...Anyways
Thanks for the review, I do agree with you on some parts. Like the ending needed to be more of an ending instead of the getting cut off then showing the Replay Screen. Also repeating "Can I touch it" was intended to be irritating both to the guy and the viewer. Well the head falls off in honor of the original. The whole reason I remade this was just to improve the art and the voice-acting. The walking was smooth the only problem was while Guy(Purple Hair dude) talks the background stops for like 1/10th of a second. Making it look like nothing is running smoothly. Really the only thing that I improved out of this movie was the Heads they were just new head style I recently created.

Thanks for your review! =)