The niss wars

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author notes: this is a side project, currently we are working on the production of the flash" of sin and gods" but my friend vic started to play around on flash and he began to makes some pretty cool future looking stuff, and since im getting a note pad soon we thought it would be a shame to not use any of it

so we made this! its been ohh about two three days now, but thats only because vista is a horrible windows and kept closing down!! but non the less here it is! enjoy!

note: for some reason randomly it runs like crap, bare through it, we didnt want to spend to much time on this, so there might be a few things that well laked attention


Nice job... good for such rushed work ^^

i like it its pretty good, the animation is great and i see that you used pivots for the limps
if you are gonna use pivots only apply them to major joints on legs, arms and heads make sure that the armor is steady and attacched to the arms so it doesn't look so bouncy
besides that the music choice and syncing could have been a bit better but that takes practice in my opinion
you've improved much since your first flashes and show much potential, just try and get the hang of it ^^


i really liked. the animation was awesome. the only thing i didn't like was that it was choppy but other than that awesome. i hope to see more by you.


For people using a mouse, not a notepad, this is amazing.
You're a great artist, seriously.
People got to learn to appreciate skill; if you get a notepad you will OWN newgrounds to pieces, seriously.
Other than that, you should have a flash explaining what Niss is.

Pretty sweet...

If you ask me, cool concept and nice intro. One thing that would help the experience would be a more developed story line and better animation. It was still cool. Keep up the good work.

(Kami the Avatar)

Bailstuh responds:

yeah thanks, the animation was sloppy because well it is just a side thing
but thanks

Too unnatural

It was jumpy, the movement was unnatural, so it just ruined it for me. Sorry.

Bailstuh responds:

yeah i can respect that

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May 30, 2008
8:34 PM EDT