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My third and final tutorial. This time it covers advanced animation principles and colour theory. Noobs, rejoice! Vets can blow me!

A note to american viewers: Everyone on the planet spells colour with a "u" except you guys. Deal with it.

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very basic

if this is an advanced tutorial then basic must include "drawing a line".

not advanced

well before i critic this i must say i am a 13 year old JEWISH boy and the previous person name offends me. I have been doing flash for about a month and a half and already have made a funny video about a whale that chills and a basic space shooter.
This tutorial had some usefull points but when you but the title "advanced" i was exspecting alittle more. I was really hoping for some action scrip that wasn't maake a guy walk ore have a button go to the next frame...
:( consider a name change


Mmm. I've wanted to animate for quite a while. I'm 13, and a girl so yeah =/ but i've never had enough time to read through all the stupid tutorials that are like 20 pages long and in retarded university level language so you don't understand what the heck they're saying. You get my point. But I can at least make sense of this.

capn-g responds:

About half the students in my animation course were girls, gender is irrelevant to talent or desire.

i'm 11

and i've been on flash for 3 year's and this is my level i am at...


Americans are the best u gay

capn-g responds:

Best at being unable to spell? No argument here. For instance, it's spelled "Uraguay".

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Feb 13, 2002
10:17 PM EST
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