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=:May 30,2008 -> 7:25 PM -> UPDATE:=
Front Page! Thanks Newgrounds =)...<3


Hello Newgrounds!

I've been off the NG radar for quite some time, but you can read about it a little bit in my upcoming NG Blog post. Therefore, without further ado I present:


This Flash puzzler challenges you with 30 levels of ball bouncing action. Addictive game play and a funky beat by brewbeer are only the beginning. The instructions are in-game.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Gimme5Games for sponsoring Carom. Their people did a great job of keeping the lines of communication open and answering any questions I had.

Thanks again for playing, enjoy!

-XBigTK13X of Simple Path Studios

http://www.simplepathstud ios.com

P.S. Almost every puzzle has multiple solutions. Have fun trying to solve them ^_^.


The physics are broken!

Does inertia mean nothing to you? No matter what angle I hit one of the red faces on, I get spat out at the exact same angle I came at too high a speed to be at all logical.

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it was ok, but...

get rid of that maze level, it just simply doesnt work. its pure luck if it will ever reach the bottom, i let the thing go and just left the room and let it do the rest... 10 minutes later it was still going.

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Challenging, but not good enough

i like the concept, but it got too difficult at lvl 20 summin

The game is not so much hard as....

A royal pain in the ass. Nice coding, nice idea, but I personally didn't like the ridiculous degree of unpredictability as you near the end. I definitely found it challenging, and played through to the last level, which I still haven't beaten in maybe 50 tries. I started to feel like the element of skill for the player was removes more and more as the levels passed. I'm not surprised the last reviewer was the first to beat the game out of roughly 900 who have played.


Yes it is fun, but its hard as a darn rock!!!!! I hated the maze, because I watched the ball get to the end, then bounce back up and down about 5 times each, and I waited for about an hour, but then comes level 24, and every time I did it, I always had three left over and they were impossible to reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3.48 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
3:00 PM EDT
Skill - Other