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FREAKOUT my 1st game

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Author Comments

Kill the required amount of donuts within the time limit whilst keeping Stickville alive.

I'm feeling positive about this game now. :) Yay me.

This is my first game, made for an assignment at university. I would have liked to do some stuff better, but I'm not going back, instead I'm re-doing in the form of Freakout 1.5. I have plans for a kind of sequel with a different gameplay mechanic... but that is quite a bit further off, just floating around the back of my brain for now.

Er.. I used flash 8 and the game took weeks to make. I don't know exactly.
If you want to know anything in particular you can pm me and make me feel special. :)

Please enjoy, and if there's any way you think I could make it better tell me... Freakout 1.5 is officially on the way. It's prettier, and hopefully funner and I'd appreciate any tips.

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it was exellent!!

but how did u get a sponsor!!

DarkRayneRules responds:

The dude just messaged me. It was totally random but good. :)


This is an excellent game. Very challenging. Graphics and control are great. You should keep up the game making. Hell, make a sequal or a movie with the little donut eating dude. Again, Nice job........vp

DarkRayneRules responds:

Yeah a sequel would be better that going back into that messy old .fla file. I would really like to push the graphics more, have varied levels. Maybe different modes. Yeah... I'll have to put that on the back burner with all my other might do one day creative enterprises. lol. Thanks for the review. :) Long live the donuts!


i really enjoyed playing. This sort of game is fun to everyone.

I can't beat Part 2 though, so I guess I need practice.

fun game, nice job :) 5/5

DarkRayneRules responds:

Yeah I didn't really realise part 2 was so hard. I had to rush it out and every time I went back to change something I'd get carried away... so I didn't get to 100% check everything. I can beat it though... but the time really needs to be longer. Meh... I might fix it later. If I can stand to look at it. lol. Part 3 is a total cop out... argh it was way too hard, so I added the little angel dude you can eat for heaps of health. So if you just keep eating the little angel you can keep going for ages. The whole learning curve was very difficult to work out. Anyway. Thanks for the review. :) I may make more flash games in the future... they're darned complicated though. I'm sick to death of code right now. :p

A great game to build on!

For the first game you've ever done that's pretty good... However I have to say it got slightly boring after a while... That might just be me but, yeh! Nice game... Good gameplay nd gratz!

DarkRayneRules responds:

Trust me I'm bored with it too. lol. I would have liked to have more variety between levels and such. And I really got lost trying to make a good learning curve. But in the end I just wanted to submit it. I could work on a flash project forever, chopping and changing. I drive myself mad. lol. Thank you for the review. :)

lol... Very Original

I gave you a 5/5, 10/10....

All i can say is this was a truly original game.... and it was fun too... All the makings of a great game...


DarkRayneRules responds:

Thanks a bunch. :) The idea just came to me when I was having a fit over my game... it started completely different but turned cruddy real quick. So I thought stuff this I'm going to make a random donut eating game... and viola it turned into a floating angel saving a city from giant space donuts. My best ideas come when I'm getting fed up. lol. I swear I make life difficult for myself. :) Thanks for the lol I didn't know if this was going to be a successful theme or not... I have a weird sense of humour... I never know how well received my creative juices are going to be. I'm happy. :D Free for a month... until uni starts again. D:

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
10:56 AM EDT