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Take on the role of a group of Wooglings (Woogi Children). Each Woogling has a specific skill such as cutting through land, making rope ladders, or creating land.

With their skills combined they can take on ANY challenge!

This has the 1st 4 levels of the game. Visit www.woogiworld.com to play more!

This is a game I helped make for WoogiWorld.com. I did all the art and animation and the basic underlying concept and engine. Webmasters feel free to grab this game for your site!


to be frank,

it was a waste of time, my time, so please, sever dubmit anything that sucks this bad again..... animation was ok, only one real level, game for 5 year olds, yeah yeah yeah...... im sorry, but..... no, just no, doesnt work at all

Great, but not the real thing

First of all, I really loved the characters and the worlds, the actions where quite well explained. And even though I didn't like lemmings at all, I really liked this. The only thing that really bugged me was that you couldn't use your arrow keys to change direction. 9/10

OHO! But wait! This is not even a game, it's a demo.. And that's why it get's only 3/10. Other than that, great submission =)

yeah i agree with Koobs he is totally right

but still nice game but not great cos it's got like 4 level's, what the hell is that

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Remind me of lemmings.

It would have been a kick ass game if at the end I didn't realize that it was educational and it's whole purpose was to try and teach me how to be a communist. Cause "Everyone needs to contribute to the community in their own little way" is communist talk. Also I noticed that this site is apparently for damn kindergardners. Also the fact that it's only a demo kinda pissed me off. Do this, take the engine, remake the game so that it'd be appropriate for the crowd that hangs out on newgrounds, and then reupload it. If you do so you will have my praise.

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what the heck!!

i was just geting in to the game then all of a sudden game over.

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3.55 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
2:15 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other