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Take on the role of a group of Wooglings (Woogi Children). Each Woogling has a specific skill such as cutting through land, making rope ladders, or creating land.

With their skills combined they can take on ANY challenge!

This has the 1st 4 levels of the game. Visit www.woogiworld.com to play more!

This is a game I helped make for WoogiWorld.com. I did all the art and animation and the basic underlying concept and engine. Webmasters feel free to grab this game for your site!


Nice, but...

It's a very fun game with a pretty good engine, too, but it's just a demo. :\

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Cool game

But Should beter the Full game

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ME likey

LEMMINGS! (yes i know they're wooglings) but it's lemmings with wooglings!

Well-made but derivative

This is obviously just a Lemmings clone, but it's very well-made and easy to play. I didn't take off any points for the extreme easiness of it, since this is obviously targeted at young children. My only question is, since when was it Woogi World? I thought it was Wiggi World. Did someone make a decision that it sounded too much like it was making fun of hairpieces or something?

Nice Clone

The art was great and the characters were cute, the animation was great(although you could have put them actually climbing the rope), and I liked the song, fits it well. The gameplay was great, I liked the nice variety of choices for each character and the last level's requirement for timing.
However, like the other users, I disliked that this game was too short and that you needed to make an extra account to play the full game.

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3.55 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
2:15 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other