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Take on the role of a group of Wooglings (Woogi Children). Each Woogling has a specific skill such as cutting through land, making rope ladders, or creating land.

With their skills combined they can take on ANY challenge!

This has the 1st 4 levels of the game. Visit www.woogiworld.com to play more!

This is a game I helped make for WoogiWorld.com. I did all the art and animation and the basic underlying concept and engine. Webmasters feel free to grab this game for your site!

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I love the gameplay style,and I also loved the characters

Well, I can tell this was an early entry in your series, because it didn't make much sense. The gameplay wasn't bad, it was just very hard to understand. I at least have to give you credit for having a good sense of style with the nice graphics. It's nice that you intend to just go out and make something nice and cute. Your later entries are better, though. The music is pretty good and fits the tone well.

I pick the axe and go through the mountain but nothing happens. I make a hole there, but then I go to the other side and it says I lost. I try to speed up, but it doesn't seem to do anything for me. Oh well, bigger fans of yours would probably like this. I wish I had access to those bombs and stuff at the beginning.


this game was ok but not that great

" Good, but shortly "

Why the game is too short ? It really got a good potencial. :[