Zombie Arena

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Zombie Arena is a bare bones zombie shooter with 4 difficulties, tons of upgrades, 5 zombie types, mines, rage mode and more. See if your good enough to get a high score! Controls are as follows:
AWSD keys to walk around, Mouse to Aim and Shoot, Space to drop a mine, Shift to activate rage, P to pause.

Thats about all you need to know, have fun guys!

Update: Made the shots hit the zombies more accurately, so you'll still hit the zombies when they're very close.


Not bad

It gets challenging when zombies are coming from all sides, looking for that needed health box or upgrade, switching through weapons...it was enjoyable. The only complaint is the ctrl+w thing...

Ab9003 responds:

Changed ctrl for activating rage to shift, thanks for your review!


it's fun... But it gets old fast and is too repetative...

I give points though because I enjoyed it for a bit...

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eh kinda ripping off

agreeing with mastermind
no originality


A Primitive Remake of the"Boxhead" Series

This game was a complete ripoff of the Boxhead series
No originality
And the worst part is that this game is a terrible ripoff
Poor graphics
Poor gameplay
Poor structure
Poor everything

And I quote "Hey guys, this project has become my baby over the last month"
Which leads me to believe that this "project" took a month
If that is true
then that is PATHETIC on a level I cannot comprehend

Ab9003 responds:

Umm is this even serious? Boxhead and this game are completely different and your review shows that you obviously haven't even tried the game. First of all, Zombie Arena has 360 degree aiming while Boxhead forces you to aim in the direction your character is facing. Second of all, Boxhead doesn't have proximity mines or a rage mode where your character becomes more powerful. This game was carefully designed and a lot of effort was put into it, I'd please ask that you reconsider the things you've said.


haha, I got to sit here and relax for 30 minutes as my score racked up. =]

All time top score:
Evan-Execution 74300

Ab9003 responds:

Hah, try insane mode ;), that should keep you busy!

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3.62 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
12:14 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional