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Tmnt: Rebel Theme

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Awesome song! There is one problem. You can’t repeat the cartoon. I want to hear that over and over just like the original theme song! Still, this is a great cartoon. It’s hard to go wrong with a theme song that good.

That was some weird stock footage at the end. You really don’t need to see the other cartoons to get this. It’s just a joke in the beginning. Those are some weird things that are supposed to be baby turtles in the beginning. The turtle’s voices are hilarious. The audio version of this is better as it loops.

funny parody

If only the endtroduction didn't loop all the time ...


I've been playing guitar for fourteen years. Bach is my favorite composer, Yngwie rulez, and TMNT controlled a large portion of my youth. I finally watched TMNT rebel 4. Not very epic like the others, but that doesn't matter. I was thoroughly amused watching the whole series. I about cried when Shredder breaks out the B.C. Rich. "I've come to shred!!!" Awesome job ya'll, I will definitely be following up with Toonimated from here on out. 10 for original malarky 5 because.... 5 is cool and shit.

Ha ha!

Not bad. Love the animation. I'll have to start watching the toons. Great job.

haha LOL!!

I cant stop watching it! XD I love the series aswell! :D