Minushi - Chapter 19

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My new feature film project is a live-action narrative called "Refrain." It's a story of violence, isolation and retribution and it's got lots of music and ninjas. Follow our progress at http://www.tylergibb.com

Thanks kids, it's been fun.

- T


uh, that was

like that was a really crappy ending to a semi good series, and would haave to agree with some of the other comments, like the animation was a bit whack, the characters barely had any developement and the ending was just a complete waste of time. better luck next time man

This was bad

The art was bad, the story was bad, the music was bad, and it looks like a lame ripoff of dog from Half Life has made an appearance in the end, maybe he's been in the whole series, I don't know, the fact that you're expecting people to pay for this is stupid.


This is bad

A lil bit too easy, but good nonetheless :P

I have to say it was pretty entertaining. Though, you might want to go back and make it longer.

Hope I helped

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Very good

You've made an excellent movie, and though some find the character designs unattractive, I find them original. The only things are the last bits: The climate was a dissapointment. It was short-lived, and not very epic at all. Also, I feel it ended without a good enough explanation. The Giants were just there, you could have gone a bit deeper. That /also/ could have made the ending longer, more dramatic, and better. However, you seriously have done great work here. The quality is good, and I love the story. The bit with the ryhme was also a very nice twist. Again, the only thing that was really lacking was the ending and the explanations.

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Trixie isn't nude

The story itself seemed a bit preachy, and Trixie was a bit stoic for my taste. Khal in my opinion was the best developed character in the series, as he went from a pessimistic, cowardly nerd, to a brave son of a bitch.
The animation was not spectacular, and looked a bit akward, but still decent as far as flash goes. I would have liked to see more emotion in trixie's face, but I guess she isn't supposed to be an emotive person.
The overall storyline was also pretty decent for a series of this length. I wouldn't have minded more female characters, and perhaps a pointless bath scene here and there. At the very least, the author had made a very vivid post-apocolyptic world full of nudity and lulz.
All in all, a fantastic job for one person. Nothing about this flash was horrible, nor was it overly great. I commend the author for sustaining the quality of a series of this length. Most flash series either get very generic, or take forever to come out.
On a pedantic note, more humour, and more emotions would be nice. Perhaps a few climactic battle scenes as well. Oh, and plz make lots of hentai with Trixie.

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