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StickDude Killing Arena 4

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Author Comments

It's been two years since I've worked on the SDKA series....... This one is for the fans of the series. The effects are 1000% better on this entry compared to my previous SDKA movies......pointless violence, it's the best! Well, enjoy!!!

Hey! Front Page! Cool......... I just had to put one more SDKA out there for the fans.......... Thanks Tom Fulp and NG Staff for the front page spot........ Thanks to all of the NG users for your reviews.

- ESProductions


It was alright I guess

not really much to it

Too much stuff at the beginning!

Not enough special to make this flash stand out from the MANY before it. When doing something that has been done to death with all puns intended, go for ORIGINALITY.


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not that good

ive seen alot of other ones like this but you added some 3d graphics and thought it was perfect well it's my opinion and i say you did'nt put 100 % into it like the other authors in the other cartoons 7 people are fighting at once which made it so popular but you just did pair by pair by pair to tell you the truth i thought it was kinda slow and the way the stick men fist faught was retarded i mean it was slow ass hell uppercut jump uppercut thats what i saw mostly and the red waves on the punches did'nt impress me it was just another attempt at turning anime fights into stick ones it was the most successful thing youve completed in this cartoon by the way they kept shouting yells at eacher when they puched so that sucked to i dont like anime it's to fucking slow like this make stuff faster and have mor than 2 people fighting at once it was a unsuccesful attempt at taking other animations and slicing them with anime i mean the way the guy took 3 direct hits with rockets to die yet 1 head shot pierced his seemingly steel body either it was unrealistic or those were some fucking weak bombs put more work in and by the way it took ya to long to make another one it's obvious you small bits of it every week dont bother if your gonna slack off ok and by the way dude it was short and not enough gore or deadly traps and half the buildings in the map werent even used im surprised this made to front page and the other original ones did'nt i guess everybody loves gleam lights come off your arm when you swing it these days stop slacking off you rip off and to all you idiots it was'nt that hardcore and you all watch to much anime


not as good as the other arenas very slow try making it a bit faster action plz.

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a bit one-sided

the animation was pretty good, but it seemed to be that only one stickman would lead, kill, have to reload or something and eventually die. try adding more of an "arena" element where many people would be fighting at the same time. not just one guy with a grenade launcher/bow/uzi/ect killing several poorly armed sticks before being destroyed to make room for the next guy.

also, it strikes me as quite odd that you could build a helicopter and a jetpack in full 3d using Swift 3D, but you still constructed the background in 2D.. im sure making a 3d background would have made for an interesting style and some improvement.

the concept of a stickfighting arena is, unfortunatley, very unoriginal, and it has become the practice of many to put such animations with just simple sticks blowing each other up with the same motions time and time again. i suggest that, with your skill, (and i think you've definetly got talent) you go and put some real time and effort into an orignal concept, which will help you stand out more.

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Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

May 29, 2008
5:22 AM EDT