Aerial Gunning

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The only reason why you're seeing this up on newgrounds is because my boyfriend insisted that I upload it. I've got a small bet with him, as to what the reviews are going to be.

This is my first (ever, not just for newgrounds) flash animation, using CS3, so please excuse my noob techniques. xD I'm aware of several errors in this movie. This was done for a school project, and I had a little less than a month to complete it.

I AM expecting low scores on this, so do me a favor and leave critique behind when and if you do.

Remeber this wasnt designed for web, so there is no start/load page at the beginning. My apologies.

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for being your first time, you did one helluva job...!!! it's very important the message you implied in there.... and don't worry about the errors, there's one there and here but nothing important.... maybe you can teach me some of that CS3

An Important, if not Well Done Flash

As first flashes go, I've seen plenty worse, technique wise. Notably though, this is one of only a few flashes with serious messages of those sort on Newgrounds, and it's quite well done in that respect. Technique wise, the animations are choppy but pretty good (animating animals is hard dammit!). I suppose my only criticism other than making the movements smoother would be removing green from the color scheme; it's being a bit anal, but I think it would make the mood still more potent to be rid of such a lively color. A preloader would also be nice.

But this movie's flaws are much redeemed by its message, which is indeed depressing, but very important to get out there. Whether or not you continue on that subject for your flash though, I'll certainly look forward seeing more. (4/5, 9/10)

I luv wolves

And seeing that people do this is just plain aweful.

Draconianspirit responds:

it is very sad. Thanks for the kind rating.

Very Melancholy

I never knew about this sorry excuse for "hunting" going on... but back to the flash. If this was your first time in animation, from what I've seen you pulled this off very well. Next time, integrate graphics and detail with animation and it ill be flawless in that department. I'll be looking out for your stuff.


Draconianspirit responds:

thank you very much for your kind comment. ANd I'm currently looking and practicing both my illustration and animation skills regarding flash to make better animations in the future.

Good animations

although the walking looks a bit weird, and the story actually doesn't interest me, this has very good graphics, good plot, nice and and good animations, the choise of music was well chosen too. I can not whait untill you release another flash animation. also, who won the bet? you or your boyfriend?

Draconianspirit responds:

ahh my boyfriend won the bet. I was sure Newgrounds would blam this.

And oh god, this animation is SO corny. xDD like it was my first one though, so I can't be too harsh.
I'm also working on a solo flash project at the moment for my end of the year grade....I would do more, but unfortunatly my computer is a royal piece of shit. (just needs more ram to be honest I'm running at 505mb....)

But yeah, thanks for your kind score, and your honesty, and comments. I really appreciate it.

And keep your eyes out for that new animation! With any luck I'll have improved not just with graphics but also stroyline as well.

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4.15 / 5.00

May 28, 2008
6:43 PM EDT