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2008| Gnomotron

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Author Comments


- If the screen remains white please wait until the Preloader appears. Reload the page if necessary.
- Use the Tutorial before attempting the game. Everything you'll need to know has been written down there.


Finally I can present to you my brand new shooting game.
The evil king Bablooba has stolen the apple supply of the Gnomevillage. Now Gnomi has to shoot his way through 5 levels to get them back and defeat Bablooba once and for all.

This game features:
- 3 difficulties (From Noob to Pro)
- 4 different weapons
- 12 achievements which can be unlocked by playing the game
- A lot of cutscenes in a surprising language (muahaha)
- Your own profile where you can save your stats and upload your highscore into the Gnomotron-Leaderboard.

If you need more Tips or even cheats then use the guide by clicking on the "Tips & Cheats" section at the game over screen.

Don't forget:
You can beat other players in their highscore and earn achievements!

Now enjoy my new extensive first-person-comic-shoote r.

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Sweet game, my man.


What you do first is beat the game on easy which will unlock the Revolver. Here is how you beat it ON EASY:

First Boss: You do not need my help on this one. At all.

Second Stage: On the second part where the zombies are attacking, shoot at the red splotch on their shirts that is where the "hole" is located, NOT at the rip towards the bottom. When you are fighting the boss only kill TWO of the Zombies. With only one zombie left the Count can't call in more Zombies constantly. Keep shooting at the Count and reload when he goes off-screen. Keep in mind that he is temporarily invincable when he is putting his wings on. But when he is flying you can still hit him. Hit the beanie on his head to knock him down when he is doing that DBZ blast thing to knock him down and get easy hits.

Third Boss: Shoot at the Minigun whenever it appears and keep your focus on the two tanks next to him. Keep shooting at those until they both EXPLODE, do not start shooting at the boss just because his shield goes down. Once both tanks are down just keep shooting at the heart until he goes down.

Fourth Boss: When he runs across the room blast him so he stands still and laughs at you. While he is blocking/laughing shoot the chandelier down so it will pin him to the floor and shoot him while he is knocked down. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Final Boss: On the first part make the little gnomes your main priority. Only when there are no Gnomes in the room should you shoot at the King. Trust me, you'll need the health. When you are on the second part it's mainly straight forward. His gun is like a shield so I suggest just shooting at his head. Shoot his attacks whenever possible to minimize damage and you should come out ok.


Ok. now where the REAL FUN starts! There is a glitch in the game where if you switch weapons the ammo fully recharges so you don't have to wait for the reload! On Medium keep using the Revolver and switch to the Pistol and switch back the Revolver to regen it's ammo. Only use the pistol to take down the weak points on zombies. Once you unlock the nailgun use that to take down those pesky zombies instead of the pistol. I found it to be better at hitting the weak-spot. Now that you are on hard use the same Switch-to method with the Revolver and the Nailgun and use my strategy to get to victory

NOTE: On the second boss it is recommended that you get good at blocking the Zombie's Leg attack to once again minimize the damage you take.

Now that you have beaten hard mode enjoy the best (and sexiest) end picture after the credits!

All in all....solid.


In all honesty, I look at the useless reviews this game gets and I begin to wonder what the fuck they're talking about, because this game is pretty good....I couldn't tell you about anything beyond Act 3, but I'll do my best.

Frst, I LOVED the prospect of a DECENT FPS made in flash. Most of the FPS flash games suck, and anything of abnormal quality, such as this, was rare. The gameplay was fun, what with the several ways the gnomes died, but the sad part was I never got any of the weapons unlocked, and unless you HAD to use the cheats to get them, they're way too hard to find.

And on that note, the bad parts of the game. The graphics were definitely okay, but I had a few problems. I'm normally good at games like this, which is why I was bewildered when I found I couldn't get past the third boss without dying. It frustrated me, mainly because even on the easy mode, the difficulty of time distribution between destroying his attacks before they damage you and trying to hit his HP tanks was the fact that there simply was not enough time to do it well enough for most casual players. I highly suggest increasing the size of the missiles. Also, the targets on the zombie gnomes were obviously intended to be small, but the Count fight was overkill... I had to kill three gnomes by hitting a little hole in their chest and shoot the count with what seemed to be roughly three bullets before he traipsied off my damn screen. It was fairly aggrivating. Another con was the fact that I chose Pliksin AND the owl and BOTH TIMES I got stuck with the ugly looking retard gnome thing shaking its ass at me after every boss battle O.o. Humorous but altogether infruriating.

In conclusion, the game APPEARS to be quite good, IF I could live long enough to advance the storyline more. I understand I'm probably missing out on a lot and most of my suggestions are therefore moot points, but I still think a sequel of some sort would be nice. Yeah: three levels and I'm crying sequel. JUST DO IT MAN!


the 3rd boss

wat do i do on the 3rd boss?wen i shoot his heart,he recovers.WTF?anyways,my name on there is gnomatrom.besides that,good game.

Good game!

It's simple and that's the way I like it.

simple but cool

that's it

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

May 28, 2008
12:54 PM EDT