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Use arrow keys to move and to push the crates into the target grid. You have to unlock the levels one by one, but the games saves your progress so you dont have to unlock the levels over and over again.
You can pick a random level from the unlocked / avaible levels.

I hope you will like it!
Have fun!

// level 25 bug fixed

Thanks for the reviews everyone!!! You helped a lot!!!


A bit entertaining

I liked this game if only because the graphics were so good! It is CGI graphics like this that show you how far we have come in terms of Flash Player. I am not even sure if those are even made with Flash Player. The gameplay was fairly simple, but the thing I did not like was how there was no music. I can always just listen to music on another page which I am actually doing right now. I know it was not intended, but it was pretty funny to see my character just move along.

I liked how you could move the crates even when they were already in a green area. That allows other crates to be moved nearby. There could also be a background instead of the blue color (well, the coloring there is still nice). It doesn't take a complicated game to play it enjoyable. Of course, it gets more complicated as it goes on.

Fun puzzle game

I'm through all of the levels and enjoyed it. (I'm happy the level 25 bug was fixed.)

Some levels took multiple tries and thinking to solve, but none were impossible.

I wish there were more levels!

samedi responds:


Pretty Good

Nice graphics! A bit to easy though. the man walks WAY to slow and that made it a bit boring.

samedi responds:

yeah it was my first game and I realized that I had overanimated the guy, it looks good for the first time but its way too slow to actualy playing with it

Hmm, so-so

Nice graphic and interface but the gameplay in my opinion was poor, the man walked way too slowly and the lack of challenge and obsticles make me loose interest quite quickly. I got to level 4 and closed it off.

How about adding more obsticles such as sliding floors, gaps (Push boxes into them) and ect.

Anyway, nice attempt.


8/10 - 4/5

Pretty good

I found it quite enjoyable to play but it was too short maybe you could try to make more levels and increase the difficulty a bit more also.

samedi responds:

thanks :)

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3.30 / 5.00

May 27, 2008
10:38 AM EDT
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