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Ness' Last Hope

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The Award Winning Ness' Last Hope-A Runner Up in the PK-Tubin' Youtube Contest.

Anyways, this was probably the only entry put into a negetive light, as well as my first movie in a negetive light.

Also, please recommend this flash for the Earthbound collection.

Now, to answer some maybe asked questions:

"Why do the first and second parts look diffrent?"
Well, the first part was simplistic in art, like nintendo. so I used the style of "Tom Fulp Saves the Day" there, and my normal style in the second part.

"What's that sad song that plays?"
Steel Samurai's Ballad. It plays when anything related to Adrian Andrews happens in the Phoenix Wright games.

"Why that song in the Credits?"
Tombobblender entered with this melody to win PK Tubin', so I salute him.

Any other questions, just ask and I will answer.

Anyways, enjoy the Award Winning Flash!


Wow man

This Flash touched my heart, I almost cry
Yeah man, So nintendo must SERIOUSLY put EB on the virtual console
The movie was pretty sad, I really feel bad about Ness...

kirbykrew responds:

Yeah Nintendo really should, it not being there is making all the fans cry.

Great Job with this

I love the whole MOTHER series, I hope that they not only put this on the virtual console, but I hope that the designers change their mind and they make a MOTHER 4 for the DS or maybe they can make it for the Wii, like Wario Land Shake style. (Not 3D, because the programmers don't know how to make 3D games).
5/5, and Recommended for collection. :]

kirbykrew responds:

Heh, yeah, them not really knowing 3d was the major problem with MOTHER 3 being on the N64. And as much as I would love a MOTHER 4, unfortunately Itoi has no plans for one at the moment, but he's good friends with Miyamoto, so who knows?

Also thanks for the fave and collection recommendation.

This is a message...

QUICK! someone send this to nintendo! no, EVERYBODY DO IT! hundreds of people sending it in would nice, thousands would be great, and if we reached a million? how could NOA just ignore that?! DO IT NOW!!

kirbykrew responds:

Sure, you can send this to nintendo if you wish. I won't stop anything that helps Earthbound.


I was wondering when I was going to see a drawn Ness flash. As a fan of the Earthbound/Mother series, I liked this flash a lot. I like using Ness and Lucas in Brawl since they are underrated characters. The Art and Animation was okay. It's not the best but it's good enough. The voices sounded good. This flash was kinda sad since they are never gonna make another Earthbound/Mother game for the next gen consoles. It was also sad to see the Earthbound game in the trash. I, myself, don't want this legend to die. This was a great flash. Nice Work Pin! :D

-3.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.032) Voted 5!
-Your 270th Voter!


kirbykrew responds:

Thanks alot! Art style was mixed, like I said before. It is sad that no EB/MoTHER games will be made anymore, and as for EB in the trash, Ness can find anything in a trash can. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for those statistics as well!


the story was he great, and true. BUT, the sound wasn't too good and the animation just blew @sz

kirbykrew responds:

gee, thanks. And you try to re-record all the music and then talk.

EDIT: Also, you shouldn't complian about animation if you don't make it yourself.

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

May 26, 2008
10:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody