Animal Crossing Mishaps

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UPDATE: I added sound! Yippee! And it fit surprisingly well... even though it's the cool version from Brawl instead of the original... :D

I did this a little over a month ago. Twas my second flash ever.
It was a lot of fun to make!
I'm sad that the backgrounds got screwed up though. They looked prettier in photoshop.
Anyway, this is a true story. It was raining and everything.
Very tragic. So tragic in fact, that it made me laugh!
I love Animal Crossing <3
Sorry, there's no sound D:
Animal Crossing: Wild World (c) Nintendo



haha, best one I've seen

I think every AC fan experienced that O_o

Haha, nice flash, made me laugh. Don't worry, I don't really like those balloons too but they carry some pretty rare stuff. But I didn't know about the umbrella trick, if I did, I would have saved a few coins from medicines :P
Anways, the graphics were great and cute, and the music was nice. Nice job on the setting.
For one of your first flashes, this was pretty nice, still room for improvement though. As a viewer of your works, I think you've improved considerably on flash from this :)

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dontya hate it when that happens.

That always happens 4 me when i try to get the damn present also i did not know that the umbrela could stop the bees.

Heh, nice.

That's the way it seems to be as well, with City Folk you don't need to worry about the balloon escaping, I've had the same balloon wander my town for 5 minutes. o.O Anyways.. Medicine for the sting, no real loses here except the flower, which could have always been ran around... And another balloon would make its way there not to long later. I remember WW, golden slingshot wasn't too great >.> Nor were the others. Anyways... Good job.

OMG BEES!!!&gt;.&lt;;;;

WOW i didnt know about the spinning umbrella! Thanks! I LOVE UR FLASH IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! lol i usually just ran like hell from the evil bees of doom. and the stupid balloons....i hardly never catch them. XDD

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May 26, 2008
9:00 PM EDT
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