Animal Crossing Mishaps

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UPDATE: I added sound! Yippee! And it fit surprisingly well... even though it's the cool version from Brawl instead of the original... :D

I did this a little over a month ago. Twas my second flash ever.
It was a lot of fun to make!
I'm sad that the backgrounds got screwed up though. They looked prettier in photoshop.
Anyway, this is a true story. It was raining and everything.
Very tragic. So tragic in fact, that it made me laugh!
I love Animal Crossing <3
Sorry, there's no sound D:
Animal Crossing: Wild World (c) Nintendo


Just like the game!

Nice drawing skills and the story was just like the real game!
Should have been longer though

Good animation

The animation was very good, however this really wasn't "mishaps". If you do a mishaps parody video try and make it funny...

Pretty Good!

it was a well done flash, but it was to short and nothing special happened.
You get 7/10 for graphics, not the story.
Keep up the good (graphics) work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh, not too bad.

I used to play animal crossing myself, and to see this flash brought back some good and bad memories...

Thank you for submitting this.

My only drama with this, is that you need to make this longer and try to add some more animation within the flash.

pretty good

lol. funny but needs better animation

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3.50 / 5.00

May 26, 2008
9:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Original