Operation Dooshland 1

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This is a remake of a submission we made almost a year ago. We have completely reanimated it and even changed the story. Everyone seemed to like the old Operation Dooshland even though it's animation was low quality due to us still learning the basics of Flash. This series has become our main objective at our studio (which is my room for now lol) now, so I hope you enjoy this much higher quality version!

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i dont git how it same shew. karacter no make cense nemoure wher boofalo man go. did the devel or satan taake him bake to hell. this mark of beast noomber 2 not go with ferst one

tacobuttfish responds:

this is not episode 2 of Mark of the Beast Snack this is an old series called Operation Dooshland that we have discontinued. Mark of the Beast Snack 2 will be launched by this coming Tuesday.

-Taco Buttfish.

Left me on a high :D

The little disclaimer at the start gave me my first chuckle and then the cartoon actually started and I found myself choking on my beer - i mean lemonade :O

The lovely technicolours of Dooshland were amazing it reminded me a lot of yellow submarine - which of course had no influence of drugs behind it :p

Bloody brilliant, keep 'em coming :D

tacobuttfish responds:

Glad you liked! Episode two has already been started and the quality bar has been raised amazingly higher... no pun intended. Thanks for the good score, I really worked hard on this, I learned a lot while doing it and we're finishing up the script for the first season of this, however the animation will take quite a while to catch up! We'll see you when Episode 2 is launched I hope!

-Taco Buttfish.

Freakin awesome!

Hahaha! too funny, badass animation!

Bad to the ass man

Wicked job bro, can't wait to see this second one, definatly a wicked series. I am so gonna have to watch this while tripping one night lol.

thanks fo postin about this

glad you posted about this it is probably the best drug flash ever of coure s i've never watched another drug flash actually besides this one but still i would guess that its the best i want to see more of this especialy with that cliffhanger ending lmao

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4.33 / 5.00

May 26, 2008
3:39 PM EDT
Comedy - Original