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LL - Vocal Shorts 2

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Author Comments

Happy Lock Day 2008, NewGrounds!
Love from your two greatest, Cake and Wizard Lock.
The idea behind vocal shorts is that we animate to natural dialogue and nice music.
Don't forget to watch the SUPER EXTRA after the credits!
Cake says we had a great time making this, and we hope you think it's good as we do. He also adds that you should go and check out the ORIGINAL Vocal Shorts! http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/380476
Wizard says: after a year of procrastinating and frequent masturbation we came up with this stash of gold that makes up flash on NG. Oh, and Cake refused to let me use rap for the credits. That bastard. Anyway, here we are - don't expect a Vocal Shorts 3, Wizard is now a full time geezer, however I doubt it's going to be the last flash I ever make. Stay tuned.

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Oh shit

I'm in this


lolz, i found it strangely funnyz :3
Keep up teh good work boi :3

CakeLock responds:


Well, it was cool.

Well, what can I say? I found this submission to be really cool, but that's all it really was. I found this submission to be well animated and solid throughout, from a visual stand point, but it didn't capture my attention in the least bit, at all. I found it boring and repetitive, and it didn't do much for the LL fanbase. I don't know, not something I enjoyed.

CakeLock responds:

It's essentially just sketches, so I can understand why you wouldn't see any depth to it.

10 stars!

the garden is looking very homosexual today! i do say neighbor


The scenes which used classical/piano music really stood out for me. Good job! Any chance of seeing you two using Khachaturian's Sabre dance at a later date? ;)

Regardless, excellent!

CakeLock responds:

Haha, that's a good idea. Might do a collab for it.