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If you've never played the Secret of Monkey Island, maybe you should kill yourself right now, cause this is the funniest game ever made. If you HAVE played it: remember those three trials you went through to become a pirate? Well there was one more...

Update, 2/25/02: Changed the start screen into a pre-loader.
Since a lot of people asked: I got the game sprites just by running Monkey Island PC version on an old P166, took PrintScreens and got characters like that. Text was pieced together from game dialogue.

Update, 6/02/04: Taking a look at it now, this thing is damn crude and a little juvenile. Hey, it's practically my first Flash movie ever. Whatever your feelings are on this clip, you might want to also check out my movie Monkey Island 2: Outtakes, which is less crude in humor and better in design. Uh, also, don't hold your breath expecting "Loom: Bobbin's Revenge". That was just an old, rough idea that I had and probably wouldn't work out.


Erm... ok...

Err, alright this was about average... a little below actually, a boy sucking three grown mens dicks to become a pirate isnt that funny, the Loom thing (I dont know what Loom is but...) was funnier than the actual movie... do try harder next time...



Look, its true that Monkey Island is the funniest game EVER, but I think u don't know which kind of humor it uses. Of course, is not the one u used. Don't discredit MI with this stupid movie.

not bad

3 monstrous snakes huh? man, Guybrush just can't get a break can he lol. i would've liked it better if he had taken his sword and either killed the pirate leaders or when Lorena Bobbit on them, but overall, it was a cool one.


ok The only reason I gave this 10 was not for the movie, it was shit, totally, but for the Loom bit at the end....I LOVE LOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i'm gonna get it off ebay, and play it again, it's fucking amazing game and storyline etc etc, *rambles on for ages*. so yeah.....


The Monkey Island series is aweosme. I don't get how this is suppose to be funny in anyway? "LOL HE HAD TO SUCK DER DICKS!!111" It isn't funny, it never was funny, and it never will be funny. On the brightside.. the animation wasn't horrible so you could probably make better flashes in the future.

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3.38 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2002
9:58 AM EST
Comedy - Parody