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Stalingrad 2

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You are once again needed by the motherland! Defend against the German invaders in this fitting sequel!

The objective of the game is to balance your base so that you will have enough resources to buy defense and units. You can build money factories, weapons and tank factories. Its up to you to strategize for the defense.
Click on the icon you want to build. Click again on a turred to upgrade it.

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Love it!! I am bad at it, but still love it ^_^ I just love the music!!

The Best

This is by far the best defence game i have ever played. i like how it mixes a challenging game with an intriguing interface.

great game

great game and my record is lvl 26 in motherland... to the dude who said the game is endless there are 31 levels in the first section ending with a rather large gang of golden tanks...big tanks.....to everyone who asks why turrets do so little to the air troops i answer very simply if you look at the damage flak turrets do a newly built flak will do as much damage as a fully upgraded golden turret...one upgraded 3 times will do 80 damage and i dont upgrade furthur than that (75g to get up there i dont wanna pay another 50) and even with that damage you really need to get massive amounts of turrets....when in the first (i had lost aprox 4 lives) the final golden planes came through and i had like 40 turrets upgraded and placed in two lines throughout the field (one mid one end) to the guy who was talking about the moneys being off youll notice the planes dont follow the regiment and usually a few waves before the planes comes through a gang that gives less cash but there are many more of....also machine guns are fantastic but i usually end up with about 8 red turrets and 2 golden machine guns...gonna try for more machine guns this round see how it goes....

machine guns for the win (literally)

This game is awesome! What I do is build 15 gun factories at the start and research Machine Guns. Then back them up with flak cannon.

The golden vehicles mean you're at the end of the mission.

Music good, money bad.

In other games like this, you get $ per unit that's the same as the wave/level. Wave 1 gets you $1 per enemy, wave 7 gets you $7, wave 22 gets you $22, etc. I'm on the 2nd game level (Mother Land) and the planes come in at wave 4, but there's not enough money to have enough turrets for the ground units, let alone to have flak guns for the planes. I was on wave 19, and the enemies gave me $13, and later, some small vehicles gave me only $10!!

Also, could you speed up the upgrades? The upgrades take a long time at a low level, but the higher upgrades are WAY too long!

It's a fun game though. I love the music. It sounds nice, but it also fits the era. Nicely done. :)