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Blobular needs to get to his home in Blobsville. Help him in his travels through Planet Blob as he tries to complete this epic journey.

Left and right arrow keys - move playing screen left right up and down

Down arrow key (repeated action to push Blobular through tight spots).

'A' key - split Blobular into small pieces.

'S' key - combine Blobular again (only works if the Blobular parts are next to each other)

Inspiration for game comes from a number of games including Gish, Loco Roco, and Super Mario.

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First off, this took me ages to find again because despite it having the word "blob" in the title, none of the Google search results would show this game.

Second, this game is very nostalgic to me if not just because of the Super Mario World theme remix.

The game itself is not a bad concept, you don't see too many rotating maze games like this out there because they usually tend to make one dizzy. I do like the feature of changing your character's eyes to different animated expressions.

My major problem with this though is a game breaking one, the fact that sometimes you can glitch your blob into the wall and get stuck in there causing the game to be unplayable is a major plague of these old flash games.


I think this game is really great. The controls work and it's simple, happy, and fun.


Loved it.
makes you dizzy as hell, but its amazing & fun.

very creative<3


the constant rotating doesn't work for me though -- I'm too sensitive, motionsickness wise. Still, if that weren't the case, I'd have enjoyed this more.

Also -- to erngage me it would have had to have more than just a blob that splits in half to access fruit and grow.

Great game

This game is awesome. Hard, but awesome. And the music is cool.

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3.67 / 5.00

May 25, 2008
8:54 PM EDT