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Canicas (final)

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Well, this game have some history... it was fun to make and i learned a lot about organization (even if u cant see that in this game)

Still i cant make a game that i feel %100 finished, but that is gonna change with my next game. I'm planning to make a Tower defence kind of game.... or mabe a platformer, idk yet.

I started this game coding clean and trying to do a very OOP aproach, but in the end, lol, i got lazy and started to do spagetti code, lol

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simpatico el personaje :)


it plays well, looks ok, but its another bust-a-move

Slick Game

I really like this. Needs sounds and more power-ups.

However, sound is a big this. I stopped playing because of that sole reason. Little sound effects perhaps some music would really make this game great!

Very entertaining game.

This is a very entertaining game indeed.
The only suggestion I have to make it better is
some sound effects or some kind of music.
Otherwise it is a very good game.
Keep up the good work!

Groso !!

jaja muy buenas graficas y ensima por un argentino ! re groso , ensima se llama canicas a pesar de estar totalmente en ingles :D

bnpla responds:

jaja ! ^_^