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This is a small project I have been working on; it's Fruity Loops on Flash.
Fruity Loops is a program used to compose music, I use it to make my own music. Also it's a widely used program around the world. Most songs in the audio portal are made using FL. What I've created is the beat sequencer FL has. Although the speed isn't always in beat, I've tried many ways to get it right but it can't get it right. What I've used in this is the best way I could find. I've been working on it for around three to four weeks and today I felt like finishing it off since I hadn't touched it for ages.

After I complete this I'll probably upload the complete version of the beat sequencer with more sounds and then I'll try creating the piano roll that will be more fun to play around with. It will be also more time consuming to make, there's going to be soo many hit-tests =\

In this version the only sound missing is the bass. It's not there because there was a slight glitch in my scripting and I'm working on fixing it ASAP =)

Instructions are in the flash, but here's a brief if you have no idea what to do.
Click the little beats along the blank sequence and they will turn white. That means that they are active and when you press play or the space bar it will play the sound in the place you set it.
Try make up some beats =) Have fun.
Rate and Review, Thanks.

Edit: Daaam the frame rate is really bad when it's up on the net >.< wrecks the tempo badly =\




At first I forgot to turn my sound on and I was like "wow I must really have no clue what I'm doing..."

Dj-Brand0 responds:

lol ^_^ thanks, sound really helps ;) *wink wink* xDD
-Cheers Brando

Just not enough going on =/

I like the idea, but you just can't beat the original... and a lot of the buttons wont work... i would like to change the beats and stuff. Still would like to see a better version though =D

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Dj-Brand0 responds:

There WILL be a new fixed version soon. I'll try do it asap but right now I have exams so I will most likely have a new one up in a week or so.


yaaaaaaay =D

i work with FL^^ and this is a very good flash^^
hope 2 c a upgraded version of this^^

ps: check out ma' beatz if u wanna^^
all made with FL 4.0

keep up the good work ;D
PeaCe - OrKeN

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Nice ^_^, I use FL 8. I've made a few songs and I've submitted my first one onto Newgrounds 2 days ago, Stilll waiting for it to be approved. Thanks for saying this flash is good lol :) because I really need to fix it up =\ It needs heaps of improvement.

Great start...

I think this has a lot of potential..especially for those who maybe aren't so sure about the FL program itself, but it definately shows the basics of fruity loops. I myself use fruity loops and I remember toying around with the basic drum sets they give u to start with so its amusing to me. I know your still troubleshooting it, but I would maybe throw some loops in there for people to play around with so its not just the drums, it might keep there interest longer, and it might even make them consider buying the program. Good job!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

I'll definitely add more sounds, I'll think about putting in loops. Even myself, I can't find any interest in it for more than 10 seconds at a time =\ lol. That's why I need to make it better. Thanks for the long review :)


... But needs to be finished. I'm a big fan of beatmakers and this one definitely has potential, but one thing that bugged me was the inconsistancy of the beat. If you laid out a pattern, it wouldn't hit it the same way everytime.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Yes, I'm disappointed it doesn't sound the way it does in the swf on my comp. On my comp it sounds like a proper 140 tempo song with minor inconsistency. I'll try my best to fix it =\

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May 25, 2008
1:11 AM EDT
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