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Bubble Wrap Game

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Isn't popping bubble wrap just the funnest thing ever???

Now you can do it for hours on end with this brand new virtual bubble wrap popper! When you're done, just refresh and pop again! HAVE FUN!!!

Wow its amazing and kinda sad how serious some of the reviews of this are


bubble wrap, the worst ones back

its boring. "pop" in such a boring voice over and over. and it...
well its not too bad. i mean, its ok...for two minutes i guess. but no longer than that.
listen, i`d rather do this scary and a bit crazy thing than play this.
that crazy thing is...
well, i live in a place with cougars. and they hang out near my house. so i sometimes go on the back deck (where cougars could get) and watch them.
alrite...i guess you get it now.

It was a bland game.

There is nothing built on here. No story not to metion no real game elaments. I'm sorry but this game is not worth the time.




Didn't completely suck, the guy who says pop was fucking hilarious. but after I pop'ed em' all, I didn't get a new sheet with a new sound effect =( that is all.

I Dunno?????

Bubblewrap. great idea but it didnt make the satisfying pop that bubblewrap does. i'd wrather the real stuff

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1.54 / 5.00

May 24, 2008
11:04 AM EDT
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