The Octahedron

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I know this animation seems kind of simple, but the large file size is because it's long (sorry for the wait). I've left the extras and other features until the end of the movie. I hope it's better than the first movie I made. If you like this, I've got a sequel lined up, as soon as I can figure out how to get that tesseract to stop crashing Flash.

NOTE: The original file was 10.3 MB, which is only a little over 10MB, so to make it fit under the file size limit, I've reduced the audio quality from 24kbps to 16kbps. If you like this flash, then I may raise it back to 24kbps, if the staff would allow me to bypass the 10MB limit.

EDIT: Feature already. Thanks guys, it was much better than I expected.

EDIT: Scene selection added to the beginning, and most of the sound effects are now quieter.

If people are finding the movie too slow, it may be because your computer specs suck, or it simply runs better on flash player. Just download the .SWF and open it with flash player on your computer, and it should run faster.


Great! Just Raises A Couple Qeustions.

I loved the animation, except in some parts where it seems as if the characters didn't react fast enough, oh well, what're you gonna do? Also, the bubbles kinda got on my nerves.
Now, on to the questions:
Since when can you stick pencils in trees?
Who carries that much paper and that many pencils?
What's an octahedron?
What happened to the fat guy?
Since when can you play music from a piece of paper?
Paper reflects light?
What was the fuel for that flying piece of paper?
What bird has that many babies?
Why did the kids who got kites move only to the side?
What were the two small paper-thingies on the ship for?
(Note: You, obviously don't have to answer these, though you could if you like!
I was just wondering about these things, but seriously, what's an octahedron?)

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Angelus-Mortis responds:

For most of those questions, I could answer those by saying that this work was made entirely out of fun and fiction, so if it seemed strange that he had an infinite number of giant pencils, I don't have a logical explanation for that--it's all in good fun.

An octahedron is a 3D polygon which consists of eight sides--sort of like a double prism if you will--but technically, the shape I've been using is a "lattice" of one. I don't know the technical term for it.

The fat guy (the giant) ate too many octahedra, got heavy, and couldn't catch up with the princess, so he fell over.

I don't entirely know much about music, but the idea was to put strings over the octahedron, and then play it like a harp. If it were made of paper, it wouldn't float in water, so sorry if it did seem like it was made out of paper.

The fuel for the flying octahedron was bubble fluid. I made the kite at the beginning fall slowly so that you might see that it has the property of floating.

The two smaller octahedra were intended as sort of "wind socks" so that you would know what direction it was flying in. I admit they weren't easy to animate, and I kind of wish I didn't stick them in there sometimes.

Sorry about the bubble sound. I was hoping it would sound funny, but I think I should make them quieter for the sequel, and that might fix the problem.

Wow, that was charming!

The story was great with endearing animation, but what really sold me was the music. Jupiter was especially suiting as a theme.


I can smell an award for this submission this is amazing.

I am very impressed!

I though that the flash was really great! I loved the art style, and I like how the little kid solved his problems the way he did. The only reason this isn't a 10 is because I thought the sound effects were a little bid cheesy, and if I could, it would be a 9.5. Great job!

9 (.5)/10

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Great animation

THe art style was rather unique and the story went along well. I really loved all the effort you put into this. Plus the extras/wallpaper stuff at the end was pretty awesome :D I think I'm going to use that 4th wallpaper you made myself.

Yay Math!


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May 24, 2008
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