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weRbopbop #14

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I want to see a unicorn bopbop! :)- And princess uses its horn as a dildo. lol

Requested by: Linhil

Mistress BopBop's plan to stir up some balls for Robo is foiled by Vista...also in this episode > special bonus request!


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Yes, this was awesome! I love this series so much! The best part is probably still the animation. Everything looked so fabulous. Oooh, I said fabulous. I love these ambiguously gay bears.

Well, more like blatantly gay. Unicorns are awesome. I haven't seen a Barney kill in awhile. May Anti-Barney humor live on! Good thing this didn't have porn on the sides of the screen.


It's been a while since i seen an episode featuring the mistress & transformer characters i'm glad cause the mistress character is my favorite,i found it funny that a bunch of Windows Vista errors popped up out of the pot,the bears were funny as well it was nice to have new characters also kudos for the Barney kill too so overall i liked this episode a lot.


Mistress BopBop Is My Fav...Would Be awsome to see her be all nice n confuses the Hell out of the Other BopBops..Then they Have Another Huge Orgy ^_^

AOL voice: "you got balls"

but mine are bigger


ok this shit made me cry..... i hav the same problem wit my computer it makes no sense