Frivolous Scrolls I: Ep.3

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Hey there, I usually tell the plot of the episode at this column. But not this time! I just going to tell you WHY you need to watch this episode.

The first 2 episode are not very successful, since it's my earliest work ever on Flash (plus, I don't take any classes). But after focusing my subject on other project, I learned few trick that helped me a lot during the making of this episode. I did a major make over on the drawing, shading, sounds, and the animation!

Before you go watch the movie, let me introduce you to the AMAZING casting crew:
Edwyn Tiong - as Davies Claymore
Raul Adrian Negrete - as Francis Takuth
Katie Dehnart - as The Messenger
Haizeel Hashnan (myself) - as Rahsia's Tribe Leader

I said what I got to said, now go watch it!
Oh, one last thing, please vote based on your best judgement & PLEASE review if you had the chance.

Oh yeah, to unlock the bonus feature, you need to watch the movie, then return to the menu using the button at the credit or just wait till' the credit end!


EDIT 1: Thank for all who involved on getting me first award, 4th Daily! This is the happiest day of my life, on NG! =P

EDIT 2: Wow, 18th Weekly! Coolness! LOL, thanks to all been voting and supported me and this project.

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Aight, now!

This is the type of stuff I come to Newgrounds to see, I normally don't like Medieval stuff, but the mix of comedy and action is right up my alley. The dialogue I liked a lot, it was funny and keeps your attention, also the action was fast enough to stay interesting. There's just one thing, I can see what you're going for with the drawing style, but it just needs a little tweak of refining. If you work at making the frame-by-frame animation a little smoother, I'll have a perfect 10 waiting for the next one, and a lot more people will too. Pretty sick man, I'll definately be waiting for part 4.

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akoRn responds:

It's an honor to received a review from a talented animator as you are! And also, thanks for the tips, I hope I can digest all of em, and apply em in the next episode.

I'll let u know when I've finish with it.


it was well animated and pretty funny to. I must say that I really liked it. It is a parady of morowind right?

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akoRn responds:

I just picked up the concept from various source actually. Like the title, I picked from Elder Scrolls game. Which I parody into "Frivolous Scrolls" instead.

Anyway, thanks for the review.


It was cool. Drawings were looked improved. The storyline is great. Characters are cool. Good Job. Good Luck on the next one

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akoRn responds:

Thanks for the view, and thank you for the good luck wish. :)

ROFL!!! i want more xD

hahaha it's soo great!
i have a really good time watching it
all the lines xD!!! the draw is so nice and the story makes me wanna have more

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akoRn responds:

Thanks for the exciting review. And guess what, it makes me want to make more (obviously, since it's a series. LOL)

Anyway, I will try to inform you when the next episode will be release. :P

Good to see it Finished

Was hoping you would get this damn thing done! Followed the updates on spamtheweb.com and got me all excited when I read that it is now out :D Good job on it and I am impressed on your skillz *bows down*

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akoRn responds:

Thanks. Rise my child *role playing*

LOL, anyway! Nice to see a SpamTheWeb's community drop by.
Thanks for the awesome review.

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May 24, 2008
12:53 AM EDT
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