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Paddle Smash

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Paddle Smash is just a cute little game I've been working on. I started it almost a year ago, forgot about it, then recently decided to finish it up. Control the paddle with the arrow keys, pause with the space bar. There's 40 levels in all. If you get a game over you can choose continue and start playing from any level you've already been to. The game auto-saves after every level.

Something to keep in mind: The faster you beat the level, the higher your multiplier will be.

UPDATE: I changed the start of each level. You now hit space to start rather than letting it start on it's own. Hope everyone likes it.


great game

Good job on this game. When the game was shaking it made me feel like I was actually vibrating... weird. I think you should add a toggle on/off button for the wall shaking it made me kind of dizzy after I just ate lunch. XD

i like it

but the corners of the paddle are they're not even there, the ball goes right through em.


realy nice game controls work well, angling your shots works well as also.
the shaking screen made me feel kinda sick for some reason but was a ncie effect for the hits.
liked how teh ball seemed so heavy it moved the board not letting you jst stay in one place if teh tiles were in a line. nice game but would like to be able to tun off teh shaking effect as i couldn;t play it due to feeling ill o.0.

8 and 4 off me nicly done game.

SirXjester xXx

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Nice little twist to an old game

Loved it man, :] I kinda like brick...or whatever the hell you wanna call it...and I liked what you did with this version of brick...and I also had the same problem as Stilla...

Btw, did you use Garage Band for the music? Cause I use Garage Band, :] gotta love Apple...

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good game buuutttt i think ou got the idea from the game "smash 2"

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3.66 / 5.00

May 23, 2008
4:01 PM EDT
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