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Paddle Smash

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Paddle Smash is just a cute little game I've been working on. I started it almost a year ago, forgot about it, then recently decided to finish it up. Control the paddle with the arrow keys, pause with the space bar. There's 40 levels in all. If you get a game over you can choose continue and start playing from any level you've already been to. The game auto-saves after every level.

Something to keep in mind: The faster you beat the level, the higher your multiplier will be.

UPDATE: I changed the start of each level. You now hit space to start rather than letting it start on it's own. Hope everyone likes it.

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very simple

at first i didnt really like the vibration effect, but then i realized without it the game wouldnt be as fun, so cool. strange music..

retro doesnt equal automatic coolness

I give you 1 star because the graphics definitely sucked as bad as old school video games did. Just because you can make a game retro doesnt mean its automatically cool or worth playing. Paddle moves to slow, gets boring quickly and playing area is way to small. I dont even want to use the term "old school" because I think that would be a big disgrace to Atari and NES.

Shakes your brain!

I really like this game. You're right about something, its kinda cute...but the blocky sorta ricochet game play makes it feel HEAVY and out of this world!

A very nice, if not slightly headache inducing game, Really AWESOME!

i liked it

really! i only review games i either love or hate, no games that are ok
i loved it!


sorry Chris, the controls are really sloppy, plus, this game has been done a million times, unless you got something really fresh to throw on it, I suggest we all let the ball and paddle games die. I do like how the ball smashes the paddle backwards, that is a cool addition I've never seen before.

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3.69 / 5.00

May 23, 2008
4:01 PM EDT