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Minushi - Chapter 18

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The battle may be over but there's still one more enemy to face and one more secret to be revealed.



its aright....

only thing i like about this..was it has robots .....everything eils like people..was gay..i mean i didn't see a damn white person in there...so idk its okay..so i give it a

People talks shit...

Don't listen anyone, do everything you want to do and never stop! I can't say, that I just love your project, but I saw two series before, and I think I will watch it, then last chapter comes out. It looks wonderful. Cuz' it's have long nice story, pretty characters, own style, voice artists & etc. etc. etc.

YOU. ARE. AWSOME. You have tallent and I will keep watchin' for ya' man. Thank you for minutes of your creative. Thanks...

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The backgrounds were very nice, really beautiful... BUT this really shouldn't be on DVD, seriously, it will look ugly, you will see how this flash is drawn 400% bigger.
I liked the graphics etc, but the animation WAS choppy, I don't have a slow and laggy computer. I agree with phsychopath altho I think it needs a higher score, because it is really nice.

Minushi Review

Note: Instead of giving you positive critism I'm just going to tell you everything about this series that I hate that you need to fix. I'm not going to mention a thing that makes this series/movie pleasant.

I dont believe that you actually thought that this was good enough for a DVD, this is in no shape for a release on DVD. I might buy it at a dollar store on VHS, but never would I feed Minushi to my DVD player. Allow me to explain:

#1 Animation: The animation isn't chopp, no it's not choppy at all. It's just crap. The animation is absolute crap! It looks like you decided to take a typical flash movie and turn it into a masterpeice. Didn't work my friend, didn't work at all. [Confused dear readers? Allow me to explain] for example, when ever the giants walk it's almost in perfect full motion... almost. Everything will be in perfect motion except for their hands, when ever the arms, the body and the legs move with perfect rotation the hands will remain stagment and will stay that way and then suddenly be at a different angle without any indication of actual fluent animation. The giants are the best part, just watching them walk around is a breath of fresh air in comparison to everything else because everything else is just terrible. For example, when ever a human move's their hand from their face down to the side of their body the animation of the hand will consist of 3 angles at the most: Hand over face, hand coming down in a robotic manner and lastly being on the side of the body. Using good artwork to compensate for crappy animation skills is a terrible technique to use. In short the animation is robotic and stagment, like you put barely to no affort into the animation what so ever.

#2 Artwork: My only gripe about this is that sometimes things are out of preportion with other things.

#3 Audio: Why does the audio sound like shit? Couldn't you have waited a few more minutes for the flash file to upload and uped the ante on the audio quality? Wouldn't voice clearity be worth making the flash go from 4.9 MB to 6.5 MB?

#4 Plot: The story was great during the first few episodes, but it was all down hill from there. In short, the plot line gets really boring, there's no suspense and everything just goes to crap. It's so simple and cliche it makes my head numb. It look's like a compilation of The Iron Giant and The Terminator. It's not exciting, way, way too predictible and I've managed to lose all interest in the plot.

Seriously man your fishing to get people buy your DVD to insure them that it's ten times better then the online version but you cant sell it off on DVD without giving out good samples. If that was your ploy then I congratulate you. You downgraded the visual effects and audio quality on these 5 minute bits to the point where no one will even touch the DVD, let alone watch the other episodes.

This review is insanely well received!

Ok I have written before and it always burned

I have said it in earlier minushi stories and I will just keep saying them. The art style is great! Your Drawing abilities are top notch.

That is all there is good with this game, your story telling is fricken ridiculous! No suspense no nothing....just a problem and then the quick fix. I mean when tinker is running at them its kind of stupid that they blow up in a mine field, and then we all knew he would pop out and come after them but then you find out what the amulet is for and then he stops him in a simple phrase.....god thats boring and lame!

The last thing I have to say is the boy looks like a fraggle from fraggle rock...You need better voice acting for sure and you need to add some depth into his face.

Beef up the story, I mean add some good things to it....make tinker diabolical I mean he IS a ROBOT, I know he cant study his own brain but why cant he upgrade his own body, or have the abilitiy to see into the ground with some stupid senser to see the mines I mean something, robots arent real so you can beef them up with anything you want.

I just think this story is way way way to predictable, big big holes, bad voice acting, and suspense doesnt even exist!

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