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A true story about life...
Full English version!

there are video stream from original russian version and overdubbing on english language so that's why lips are off sync!

p.s.: All characters in this cartoon is not real. "People, you suppossed to judge this on how it was meant to be, if it was meant to be the meaning of life, then watch it as that, so dont expect a lot from this. Hey at least this wasnt like the Paladin Series, seriously its over-rated."

Poal's review:

Now after reading the reviews, I see people confussed [and dumbfound].

In my opinion, the monk who Fina[The woman] calls, is either a representation of God, or he is her father. In the case of God, many people belive God has left us and doesn't answer our prayers, ofcourse this is a religious standpoint.

The act of taking her shoe off after breaking her heel, is a representation of, if life throws issues and problems at you, you have to deal with them, because they will happen, so Fina's heel breaks, she takes her [broken] shoe off.

The idea of humanity's point in life being "survivial" is also true[In my opinion]. Biologicaly, we are animals, supperior to others, but still animals. Everything we do is to survive, basicly like wild animals, just more "civilized".

I fully agree with his opinion!



I felt awakend by it.

I now see a new perspective in life.

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Deep, very deep

I can sense a certain meaning in this story, but at the same time can't explain it. My only suggestion is to make it a bit longer

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The point of life.

is to die, because everything thats alive does.

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looks familliar

did you produce crossroads in the sky?

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SOMNAMBULA responds:



What i took from it was a {form} of survival , but more so the act of moveing on. It shows that among all the hardships that she went through she was able to get her self straight and build her self anew. I feel the car accedent is the destuction of ones old self and then building your self up again, a new stonger human. This happends to many of us. This is a human expirience.

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May 22, 2008
4:00 PM EDT