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Okay firstly this is not a parody or has anything to do with DBZ! The only thing I took from DBZ was the golden flame. He is not even a super sayin so don’t think that. The ability to fly and shot energy beams out of ones hands is thyme that is not limited to DBZ. Street Fighter, X-men, Danger Girl, (Issue 7, when the demon guys shots green fire out of his mouth) It is simple ridiculous to brand something DBZ because of that one aspect of having power. DBZ in itself is just a far remake of an old Chinese story. Anyone ever see that cartoon monkey magic. Well that is the origin of DBZ.

Secondly I can not give away to much of the story because this is a mina sure blip in the storyline of a comic book that I have been arranging and getting ready for pitch over the last 10 years. I can tell you what is happening in regards to this flash however.

In the year 600 there was a king named Arthur. He was the chosen one, the first person on Earth to break the barrier on all life. (That is what the two people on the mountaintop were referring too when they said is he about to cross it.) King Arthur was betrayed by his love and it ruined him. Centuries later his reincarnated soul has found a new love. He cherishes her above everything else in the universe, even his life and soul. The two men on the mountaintop, and the women in the blue shirt that moves really fast, have already broken the barrier placed on all life but they are not from Earth. They know of hells appending invasion of Earth and desperately search for the chosen one. On the Day of Judgment they had given up all hope and went to face the armies of hell themselves, when the woman Arthur loved was struck down by the first demon out of the portal. Enraged beyond reasoning his only wish is for revenge and he delves deep inside himself to find the power to kill the ones that took the one thing that mattered to him away.

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since 2005 no comments, it's a good animation, come on men


Like dragonball

...LP sux.

I watched the first 5 seconds then when the linkin park music started I closed it. I probably could have been good if I was high and if I had my sound off and unplugged speakers since LP sux.

pretty good!

This is a very good flash but when that guys blocking that blast thing and goes to a faraway camera he looks demented...like a chibi with lots o' mucsles

Add story.

I watched this thinking to myself, "This would be a better idea if it had more of a story to it." Adding more of a story would get you going. I would also pick better music. Nothing against your choice, but Drowning Pool or Mudvayne. I am just tossing those our there since you used 90's music in your video.

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Feb 12, 2002
8:35 PM EST
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