Nife Tied and F'd

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This flash contains Anthros, Bondage, Rape, Tentacles, Egging and Stuffing. If these are fetishes that you're not into, please do not judge harshly. It was three weeks in the making and features a character by the amazing Knifeh.
http://www.furaffinity.ne t/user/knifeh
Enjoy all the nasty!
Note - The buttons are responsive. The scene will not progress until the animation is ready to transition smoothly.


Same here

I agree with the users below me. It's a nice one but you could definetly use sound effects specifically for the girl when she's getting it. And probably fix the "next" button as well.

TerdBurgler responds:

Please read the description. The next button is explained in the description.

Also, sounds for the girl were originally added but sadly, they did not match the lips and just looked like they were coming out of nowhere. For the sake of time, I released it without her making any noise because I didn't want to have to go through and re-do the mouths for the entire animation.


Would've been better as a movie. Having us press next 20 some times feels like a chore and adds nothing. Other than that, the animation was alright, but no voice work and typical tentical action means there was nothing really creative about this at all. I know that porn is pretty straightforward and all, but something less formulaic would be nice to see once in a while.

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TerdBurgler responds:

Dude, it's porn. What were you expecting?

As for the button, read the description, please. That explains the button.


Up the frame rate.... That'll doer.

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A very entertaining game..

It's almost perfect, just need to fix the reaction time on the buttons, and add some moaning noises, which gradualy gets louder the more she is penetrated.

Also, add some more interactve features, like squeezing on her tits or...you know, just add some additional options.

Over-all, this was great, just be sure to make a more imporved one in the future :3

TerdBurgler responds:

Read the description please. That explains the button.

As for the moaning, the first version did have moaning but the ultimate problem is that they didn't match the lips (I animated first, added sound later) and just looked like they were coming out of nowhere. They were taken out for the final version. As for breast squeezing and such, I haven't exactly figured out how to do that without off-setting the breast once the squeezing is done. I would like to add that feature in the future though. It seems to be very popular!


Well to begin with I'd have to say this isn't really a game at all, since all you do is click the next button until you get to see her drown in eggs. This has potential, please don't think that I'm bashing it, not by any means. Some background music, not that I could recommend anything, would help. Having the ability to build her excitement and anticipation would also be a plus. Making the tentacles change shape is good but if you added texture and multiple arms some girls like having as many as they can get. Just having a Next to click takes all the game element out of all the work you have done and makes it seem more like a peep show then entertainment. Good job on the animation, everything moves like it's supposed to and the real world appearance to the "activities" are believable in an Anime sense, good job. I hope you pass the review stage.

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TerdBurgler responds:

Thanks for the kind words on the subject. As for all the additions, I really didn't mean for this animation to become what it did. It started out as just a quick gift for another artist and then we started talking and it just progressed on and on until it became this. As for background music, I wanted to add some but I just don't have many appropriate 'bow-chicka' songs in my music library and nothin' in an immediate Newgrounds search pulled anything I wanted up.

Still though, thanks for the encouraging words!

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May 22, 2008
1:51 AM EDT
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