Space Ace 2

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Use the mouse to steer your ship, and click the mouse to fire. Hold for auto-fire.
I've wanted to do another scrolling shooter for a while after all the new things I've learnt, and this one pretty much uses all the techniques I've picked up recently - Trigonometry, external actionscript, and a good solid coding method. The game feels a little lacking to me as I was reaching the limits of what flash could throw around, so it tended to slow down when I started to add to much on screen. The real credit must be given to those old arcade classics 1942, 1943 and Xevious for inspiring why I like these type of game. I one day hope to come close to capturing the magic that those games have.


Well Done!

If you keep cranking out solid games like this, try to get paid for it, I believe you have some talent! Level 5 went by in less than 10 seconds, not sure if that's a bug or not, and the starry background has an ugly seam, look for graphic utilities that work with tiled graphics for some help with that. I used to drive myself crazy trying to make space tiles that seam well ;) always a line of stars or a line of the lack of stars that our brains pattern-detect too easily.

Well alright!

Yeah this is alot like 1942, wich I must have dumped thousands of quarters into in my youth. I liked the fact that I got to blow up the Enterprise over and over! Not bad at all.


great job terry


Love it. I can't tell you how many quarters I dropped into the Xevious aracade game in the pizza shop when I was growing up. Fun stuff.

Nice game

the idea is...not original
but the game is nice. I give you a 4/5 7/10

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3.34 / 5.00

May 21, 2008
7:35 AM EDT
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