Dungeon Defender

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Requires latest flash player so make sure you update. In game tutorial has instructions. Control your avatar with wasd or the arrow keys. Spacebar pauses. You can hold down ctrl when you select to pick the building under the cursor no matter how crowded a tile is. Pressing escape or x clears current selection. Basic strategy is to build lairs which produce creatures to fight back the hordes. Your avatar will die if left alone so make sure you watch his hit points. Keep ranged avatars out of the path of the enemy so they don't get run over! Updated to 1.5


really nice

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Graphics weren't great but you made up for it in originality. The only complaint I have is about the points you can use at the end of each level. Most of them are useless and a couple are really useful. So when you update or maybe on Dungeon Defender 2 you could make it a little better.

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its different but made quite well you have don a good job my friend

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dude avatar is also used for the term of a picture that represents you/character

anyway awesome game man....addicting

greyhoundgames responds:

Before there were even forums and before the internet, the term avatar was used. Examples include dungeons and dragons god's have an avatar. Ultima 4 has an avatar. I am sure there are others.


Its easy.Im already with 1500 and kicking everyone asses.If I get the screen shot I'll show you.

not cool

it had horrible graphics and music. u should try getting better music and not making it all pixely. and y r they called avatars? an avatar is a hindu god

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3.92 / 5.00

May 20, 2008
11:23 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense