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Elephant Below

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Author Comments

Use your big fat elephant nose to gobble up clams in this tricky action-puzzler.

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Cute puzzle game

Don't be decieved, it's actually quite difficult and requires foresight.

I thought this was great.

I thought this was a great game, Idunno why people are saying it's bad. Although the concept may have been used similiarly before, it was still cool with nice graphics and atmosphere, and was clever and tricky. However, I found a glitch, when you hit reset at the same time a piranha bites you, the game freezes.

i got an awsoe idea for your next game!

dont make 1


it was okay why are u making kid games thou

Didn't you already do this...

Or at least i remember playing this, same exact levels and just as boring.
Difference was it was a Giraffe template.