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Dungeon Crawler

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This is a choose-your-own-adventure game; you will be presented with situations and choices periodically, and you must choose your course of action. Choose wisely, and you will be rewarded. Choose poorly, and you will die horribly. Happy adventuring!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I made this game for my school's Senior Projects. It is my first time using Flash, so don't expect anything too elaborate. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for playing!

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Fairly well done

the music to me was a bit annoying after awhile it starts to sound like a bunch of noise instead of music, and if your going to start from the beginning after death make it so you can skip cut scenes after the first run through


this is really hard. I dont like how you have to start over when u make a wrong choice. I really wish u could skip through the cutscenes. And the voices are just plain creepy.

TheWanderingBard responds:

What, you don't enjoy the soothing sound of my voice? Eh, I don't blame you.
All your points have been noted, and as always, the review is appreciated.

It was okay.

You shouldnt have made the dude start at the beginning when he died but still a decent game.

TheWanderingBard responds:

Laziness on my part; I was in a bit of a bind and needed to save time. To be honest though, I thought it wasn't going to be this hard to beat!

it sucked

sorry to have to say it but it did. the voices were creepy and when you died you had to start ALL THE WAY OVER. which sucked. but live and learn ey. it'll be better next time

TheWanderingBard responds:

Yeah, I really should have invested some more time in gameplay instead of the useless voices. Definitely not a good call on my part.

Thanks for the review.

pretty cool

Overall it's good, but there's lots of things that could be done better.

Music fits the tone, but gets repetitive too quickly. The voices should be clearer and could be done better. The graphics are fair I guess, but they could be better also. And the traps are too random: there should be hints or something(the hints could, however, be misleading sometimes)

TheWanderingBard responds:

Thanks for the input. I doubt I'll be using voices much more anyway, that was a horrible experience. I appreciate the review though; thank ye kindly.

By the way, there are hints to the traps. Just keep an eye open when entering each one.

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2.75 / 5.00

May 20, 2008
12:57 AM EDT