Demon Bear & Myka (Fight)

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First off, I'd like to thank the creator of the song Nothing to Prove, without which this probably wouldn't be what it is. Second, the entire idea is mine, and so are the sound affects; although the music pieces aren't. One's from Final Fantasy 7, another is from Kirby, and another is jarrydn. Second, this was mainly done in After Effects and Premiere Pro, but as you will see, I made a background using Flash that got kind o'screwed up when I imported it to the After Effects thing, so it's sort of distorted or w/e. Yeah. >.> I got Myka's permission to put this up on Newgrounds, and that's really actually Mykael, the one that the picture is of - of the human. In the second installment of this thing, I actually fiddled around with the pictures a bit in Adobe Photoshop and got some really cool looking stuff. X) Lol. One person actually described it like being on a trip. XD Rofl. Whether that seems like a good thing to you or not, I don't care, but still... X) Lol. I thought it was pretty funny. :P Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I'm probably forgetting to mention something, and if I am, I'll put it in an edit as usual. By the way, the hardest part to puppeteer was the dragon's tail, so I really hope you enjoy this, I had to, like, do it frame by frame and whatnot, and that was annoying. X) Lol. Also, I did this before I started officially working with Lightwave - at the time I was working mainly with After Effects and practicing all that stuff. These are the two best results - I feel - from those efforts, and the first one you see was the first one I did. :) Took me awhile to get used to the puppetteering tool and the frame rate. XD Lol. Anyways, again, I hope you enjoy. X) These are the programs I used to make this all possible and whatnot. X)

- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects
- Premiere Pro
- Flash
- Adobe Flash C3 Video Encoder

(And flash was used a second time to get it all right and such. X) Lol. By the way, I've discovered an easier way to center the video on the tray-thing! Yay for me!!! :D Lol. X) Well, enjoy, and thank you for reading something general about the amount of work I put into this. X) )

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That was insane..
I thought it was really cool, good job

HolyDemonAndy responds:

Hahah, thanks. :) I'm glad you checked this out - I worked hard on it. ^,^; I'm even happier that you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for the review!! ^,^


It was decent but it wasnt good. you did better with the other animation it was kinda funny at the end. Keep up with the comedy aspect to.

HolyDemonAndy responds:

Thank you. :) I'm glad that you also had the decency to give me more than a one. XD It took a lot of work trying to learn how to use the puppet tool in After Effects, and I'm still learning a few things. X) Lol. :D


That was horrible. Te animations could have been better.

HolyDemonAndy responds:

Another level two. ;o Looks like a flamer to me. <,<; Lol. It might've been bad in the beginning, but that was 'cause I was just starting out with the use of the puppet tool at that time - I obviously later went on to fixing the photos so that they looked cooler and whatnot. ^,^; At least, I thought they looked cooler. :D


I think you must practice a lot with all these programs... I use all these programs too but since 7 years... Keep working and don't let bad comment put you down !

HolyDemonAndy responds:

Thanks. X) I won`t. :D


uh...was that SUPOSSED to make sense? Because if it was, you failed terribly. To be continued...? I sure hope not!

HolyDemonAndy responds:

Lol, only level 2. But still, honestly, it was supposed to be mainly a fight scene between a demon bear and Myka, then they join forces and fight the dragon, etc. ;o I could`ve gotten a 1 for effort, I think. >.>

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May 19, 2008
10:33 PM EDT