Law of the West

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Law of the West

You are the new clerk of the Westbank, all you have to do is collect the money from the customers and shoot the bad guys. Sounds easy enough, but don't shoot unarmed people.

Shoot using A, S, D (can be changed on the options screen) or mouse, move along the counter using crsr left/right (Only if all doors are closed). P pauses the game, Q quits it.

Just as it's mentioned below, it is a tribute to the c64 game "Westbank" ...

Now with highscores again.

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I guess this was pretty original. I didn't care for this game that much because it didn't seem like anything too special. It was just doors opening with you shooting people. I really did like how well paced it was. It was more challenging than I thought! I don't know what happens to most of the people you ignore.

There could have been more going on. I guess I was just looking for a standard shooting game. Those seem appropriate for the Old West. In real life, they didn't happen much, though. You don't have much time to react.

Superb presentation married with classic gameplay

Really love how the game has come along - I really enjoyed that! The drawn sprites are fantastic and go surprisingly well with the 3D art which I can see you've worked on to appear really natural. Superb visual design - it really is.


Brilliant version of a retro classic (or a couple classics). Pure gold, brilliant presentation and top of the heap visuals and style.

Entertaining remake

If you enjoyed the original Westbank game then this is a great remake of it. It's much easier to play with the keyboard than the mouse, and for the first few days is extremely easy - but it soon hots up, and surprises you how easy it is to accidentally shoot a customer instead of a robber. A few interface issues and a repetitive nature stop this from being a truly great game, but it's not bad by any means.

Not your game

I used to love this game for the sega "Bank Panic". Youve completely ripped it off without giving it a mention. But I still liked playing that game so fair enough. Although you gave it some better graphics, this isnt your game.

nGFX responds:

d'oh! Bank Panik!
Well I must admit it's a rip, although *not* Bank Panik... It's from a game I played on the c64 a lot: Westbank, hence it's "mentioned" all over the game.

cheers, anyway. nGFX

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

May 19, 2008
4:47 PM EDT
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