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Weebl and Bob : Frank

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Author Comments

Weebl and BOb in the last Goo-vie fror Cadbury.



Weebl sells out way too much nowadays. Its like more than half of he's works are just commercials and nothing more nowadays. Used to like it.
don't like the new ones one bit. He's as good as ever when it comes
to the skill, but i think its going to be even worse from now on.
I would have understood some nifty little screen in the end or 10 secs of
it being for something but the whole thing is just one big commercial.
there is enough of those in the TV, atleast they have the decency to keep
them within a separate brake. And the Fanta stuff? hehe.. Nazi lemonade (see Wiki). Was kinda funny in a way but NOT REALLY. (fanta adverts by weebl featuring Sega ripoff logo-sound)

This needs to stop before all we see here is actually the stuff we usually see in the ads around the friggin site! (Gee. If I would own a sweets factory and want to advertize free, I should just post a flash here.. right?)

I bet the next one is about Nike.

TheWeebl responds:

I only do commecial work in order to afford to carry on making stuff. It's not cheap to run a popular website and pay for people to help make stuff, not to mention just live and eat. Thankfully, doing a job now and then means we can continue to make stuff with no commercial backing at all. End of the day I'd like to think what we make is funny or entertaining either way.

To tell you the truth

And i'm realy just being honest, I don't like your work at all, at first, and I mean the first one I watched it was cute, but after that it just got old, I find it tiring and simply plain

Oh dear God...

I have to agree with Sir-CannabisClock.
How do these things score so high?
I noticed fairly recently that you blagged two awards for a continuous loop about pork. It was called "Pork", ingeniously enough.

I just find these things so vacuous and dull. Especially when you see the flack the "Foamy" series gets for being badly animated and for rehashing symbols that were first drawn over five years ago- still somehow you get away with it! Nobody's noticed! You should sell your secret to "illwillpress" in exchange for his soul/car/ DVD revenue.

I'm gonna break things down bullet-point sty-lee:

Graphics: As I said up there ^ re-used shapes from a time long gone by. No limbs to animate, no lip-syncing, no... in fact nothing that would take any effort at all. Just tweened blobs scaled appropriately to cunningly fit the screen with enough room left over for those all important speech bubbles. Oh dear God...

Sound: Pfft, Probably the HIGH POINT of these awful cartoons. Foley-wise that is.
I hate the comedy mumbles that you have blessed your worthless creations with. Especially when it seems to be nothing more than a device to avoid lip-syncing and instead deliver our waning attention spans to the ever welcome speech bubbles. Oh dear God...

I would break it down further but you can probably see where I'm going with this. Besides, there isn't really much else to comment on; Writing? Acting? What?

Seriously, I don't know how you do it but good luck anyway on your future Flashes. They'll probably be exactly the same as this one and blag you a bit of prize money to boot.

But remember, they turned on "illwillpress".......................

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Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

May 19, 2008
11:41 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody