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Author Comments

Very very simple game, use the mouse to keep the ball in play for as long as possible!

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Must say, I panicked first, the game seemed fun but the environment didn't change. Luckly, it did after a while making it a nice game. Perhaps you could do something so the paddle changes, though that could make it more arkanoidish.

Good, but...

Amazingly addictive, and with very nice physics (I.E., the tillting of the paddle if it is dragged to fast, the acceleration of the ball as it bounces) it has but one bug. On the level with four circles, there is a rut that the ball can be stuck in, and for some reason the level does not change when the ball gets stuck in this rut. Odd. Ah well, most people will not get stuck there. Good job!

Have to say...

...very addictive!

Not bad

sometimes the hit detection is off and the physics aren't quite right but overall preatty good

It was good

Collision detecting was good and Physics was OK.