Whale vs Spoon

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The sequel to Walrus vs Scotch tape.
An epic battle that will shake newgrounds to its very core!
Words cannot describe this amazing fight.
Small children may wish to avoid this video.
And really old people.
No one has complained about the voice acting? Could I actually be a decent voice actor?

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Ha. How random.

Very dawsonish. I liked the idea, the music, the voice acting and the drawings. The one sugestion I have is to add more movement into it. Sometimes the whale was just sitting there all stoic with a still background. More movement would make it more smooth. The voice over also could be helped with a better mike.


I agree with the Average-ish review, art seemed messy, but the scripting was alright, the match-up was just completely random, but not in the way that it made me laugh my ass off or anything.

But I do like the soundtrack you stuck in. If you get a chance, mail me, or comment to tell me the artist, or where you got it. You have good taste :P

Ddiddily responds:

The soundtrack, right under the "audio" my friend.
Thanks for the review.


Well, the drawing wasn't that great as it seemed pretty messy. Not a lot of work put into this for such a short, simple toon.

I think putting a little more graphically behind it and actually lip syncing would make for a better movie. I mean it's already short, why shorten it further by making it cheaply?

Also, work on your music editing. It just cut off for seemingly no reason. You can make it trail out if you want it to stop and it's easy to do and makes it SO much better.

The script/idea was alright. Pretty odd matchup, but that's fine. You did what I feel you could with the idea and the length you were going for.

Best of luck.

Ddiddily responds:

Hey, thanks for coming back to my movies.
I really appreciate that you have reviewed two of my flashes.
Yeah, the first time it cuts out, I dont know why it did that but I dont know how to trail it. I'll look into it though and learn how.
Lip syncing, yeah, I should have put more into that.
Thanks for the advice.
Best of Luck to you too, I'm a fan of your flashes.

You Had a Point

Was totally clueless about the movie till the end. You had a point but unsure if others will agree.

Well well...

Graphic was okay, but animation wasn't so good (but close). Work on lip-sync, by all means. Good job overall

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4.00 / 5.00

May 18, 2008
9:31 PM EDT
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