sodomy street #7

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Here's lookin at you kid.

The play button is the bottom one on the right after it has loaded, you fucking morons.


Pure genius.

This is the most humorous flash i have seen in awhile. It had no real plot, and the odd grammar (televisuals) coupled with the synthesized voice was an interesting combo.

The things on the televisual made me laugh, especially the one with the fat kid and the siren. Some of the others were not quite as humorous, specifically the drawn out monolouge about aliens.

I liked the Sesame Street layout, and the parody was emphasized by the ending. It made more sense than the real thing (c'mon, a big fucking bird like that would have got raped or eaten already)/ I think there should to some extent, be more telephonetics included with the yaoi porn.

If you are going to make another one, bring me back some of those little boxes of raisins from the supermarket, Rab. Aye I think it would be applicable if you washed all that shit from under your armpits, the place is starting to stink, you fat cunt.

I don't know about you, but I think you're in the wrong place, son. What the fuck did you do that for? Have a seat right over there next to the widdershins. What'll it be? I haven't seen you around here before. Aren't you the new 'Black and White 2' video game?

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Still awesome. Nice job adding the Ambient sounds. How the F*** can people not see the Quite Large: PLAY Button the side. haha. Friggen idiots. Awesome job though. Lets start Humping ;)

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Only one word...


smackhouse responds:

I've managed to summon up two words for you
fuck off.


for some odd reason computer animated voices and pretty much anything of the nature of your flash interests me good job. oh and for all the people below me ...how retarded are you when you cant figure out how to use the TV seeing as thats probably all you do anyway (i'm guilty of that lol) the flash was great and plz before you blam a flash.. YOU make something better. that is all and good job, Cryptomaniac out.

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nice one

very nice....

smackhouse responds:

I'm just gonna have to assume this wasnt sarcasm.

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May 17, 2008
7:15 AM EDT
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