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Florence's GrandDaughter

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The story of Sarah Crane, granddaughter to Florence Crane the Woodland Witch of Gaeth. Sarah sets out on an adventure to stop the mischief caused by a local thief with the help of her resurected 'pops' . Musical score created by James Sadler of Haven Sole exclusively for this short film.
Recently entered in the Moondance International Film Festival.

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this isnt even a flash -.-

Newgrounds is a place for flashmovies, not real (crap) movies. Put this up on youtube instead. It's not even CLOSE to be a flash!

ArneTheTurtle responds:

We are well aware it's not a Flash made with the FLASH program, which I am a master of. It's a film that my Indie company put together. We put it on Newgrounds just for kicks because we've been a part of the Newgrounds community for a while now. We thought our Newgrounds fans would like to see what else we were up to. I'm so sorry that it doesn't meet your FLASH standards. I work in many forms of media...what do you do?


the sound was hard to hear but apart from that , that was amazing i realy enjoyed it sure it wasent animation but meh this was great.

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Wow. Thanks. I really appreciate that. My team really appreciates that. And the 2nd version will have improved quality sound. Thanks for the honesty.


Nice but the voice needs a little work... I can't hear what exactly they are saying because of the sound, or then again my headphones are broken again... ^_^"

ArneTheTurtle responds:



i loved the graphics and the story

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Thanks so much!

I'm trying to be fair

As I understand a lot of work must have gone into this film, but newgrounds is for animations, and more specifically flash animations. This, I believe stops your film from qualifying as acceptable newgrounds content.

I didn't finish watching, partly due to the fact that it's not meant to be on this site, and partially because the rhyme/music that starts a short way into is really quite annoying. I'm sure that your film is actually quite good, but I'd suggest changing/improving the quality of the soundtrack, in my personal opinion.

I hope I haven't offended you


ArneTheTurtle responds:

Hello. Not offended at all. We're well aware of what form of media Newgrounds is intended for. We, however, felt it was a great way to show our fans what other things we have been up to.

I was slightly annoyed that you didn't finish watching just because it wasn't a flash. And paying homage to our hard work was friendly of you, however closed minded you have been. Nonetheless, to each his own. I respect your honesty and encourage you to give it another shot. We're hard working artists. Not uneducated fools.