Protoss Invasion

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Warning!! This game is quite hard, until you get the hang of it!

The Terran Dominion have been recruiting pilots to help in the fight against the aliens. Now is the time for you to stand up and be counted. Our most powerful starcraft yet, the mighty Thor will be under your control, with it you must turn the tide of the war, strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, and lead us to victory against the protoss. Good Luck!! Praise the Dominion!!

So the Thor ain't that simple to handle, it ain't like jumpin' in a Crucio pointin' and shootin'.

The Thor takes some skill guys, you need to analyze the threat, and boost the payload accordingly.

The new firing system means you can just hold down the fire control, then release when the payload reaches the size you need.

Timing the release is also an art, it's about assessing the speed of the enemy launching the payload in time to hit, just takes a little practice that's all!


eh. . . could be better

Good looking game and smooth action, game play wasn't very interesting, and the playing field was pretty small. The beginning made the game seem really cool, but let me down when the actual game started. A larger battlefield would make the game feel less crowded.

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its alrite but make the frame a little bigger and then make it so that ur shootin from their side not to the front and to the sidethe game is sorta distorted


it was good, and it had good graphics, but it was way too hard right at the begining, and there wasn't really any instructions for it.

The screen's too small.

For the speed they move, the screen is too small. If you make the screen bigger, so you can see the enemies coming, then it would be more fun. As it is, it's just not fun. Also, add a REPLAY that will get us back into the action faster. I don't want to scroll thru the menus to get back to the same exact place. Can you remove the 'shine' in the upper corner? It's a cool detail, but it's too strong and makes things hard to see. Great detail and animation in the actual game. Just a few things that cut into the fun.


looks good but no point in posting an ad for it at another site

BleedingEdgeGames responds:

Sorry has been updated now, was an error in the code

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3.28 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
7:24 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed